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Kidrobot, Inc.
Kidrobot logo

Type Toy retailer
Status Active
Led by Frank Kozik
Founder(s) Paul Budnitz
Founded 2002
Broomfield, Colorado, United States
Parent company NECA

Kidrobot is an American company owned by NECA that produces and sells designer toys and collectibles based on licensed franchises. The company has licensed Godzilla through Warner Bros., and as such has produced three Godzilla plushes and one mini vinyl figure series. Its other licenses include Ultraman.

Godzilla Phunny Plush

Godzilla Phunny Plush
  • Description: "You hear that? Godzilla. The king of the monsters and destroyer of cities is back in adorable PHUNNY plush form. Standing 8” tall with embroidered details this cuddly creature from the deep is ready to raze a path of destruction through your toys…and into your heart! Grab one today before he disappears back to the depths of the ocean!"

Loot Crate exclusive Godzilla Phunny Plush

An "atomic breath blue" colored version of the Godzilla Phunny Plush was sold exclusively inside select Loot Crate boxes.

Godzilla HugMe Plush

Godzilla HugMe Plush
  • Description: "The king of the monsters and destroyer of cities is about to get super-sized! We’ve created an all new line of cuddly creatures with HugMe. Each HugMe comes super-sized, standing 16 inches tall and made from super soft plush. Additionally, each HugMe comes with a vibrating unit with removable batteries for a shakeably soft hug when you need one. Get yours today before he disappears back into the depths of the ocean!
    • Shake action when you hug it! Shake action when you clap!
    • 3 AA batteries come included"

Vinyl Mini Series

Advertisement for Kidrobot's Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series

An advertisement for a series of mini vinyl blind box figures was seen at Toy Fair 2019. Figures in the series include:

Godzilla 4 Foot Phunny Plush

  • Description: "The soul of a massive monster from the deep packed into 4 feet of PHUNNY plush sculpture with embroidered details. Yet Godzilla's love for you is real, and he will show it by veeeerry slowly razing 48" paths of destruction through your living room, playroom or showroom."

Mechagodzilla Phunny Plush

  • Description: "Introducing the MechaGodzilla Phunny Plush by Kidrobot. This 8 inch tall plush King of the Monsters will protect your dreams while you sleep.

After making a historic debut showing at San Diego Comic Con this year, Toho Studios has partnered with Kidrobot to introduce an atomic-sized Godzilla capsule that celebrates the big guy's 65th year on our vulnerable, infinitely stompable planet. But it looks like some unwanted guests have arrived at the party, including a new twist on a 45-year old foe--MechaGOLDzilla! Whether you’re into apparel or art figures, Kidrobot has got you covered with the Kidrobot x Godzilla Collection!"

Ghidorah Phunny Plush

  • Description: "Behold! The monster so powerful that even Godzilla, King of the Monsters, had to enlist help to fight it. Ghidorah the three-headed monster may be destructive but this is one Phunny plush that came to destroy your heart and (cuddle)! Standing at approximately 8 inches of plush awesomeness, this Ghidorah plush Phunny is a must-have for your plush, Godzilla, and Kidrobot collection."

King Kong Phunny Plush

  • Description: "Sometimes when you’re a monstrous skyscraper-scaling, airplane smashing gorilla, you need to let down your hair and show off your silly side. This 7” King Kong plush Phunny does just that with his crown and he makes a great addition to any collection of King Kong or Kidrobot fanatics."

King Kong HugMe Plush

  • Description: "Sometimes when you're a monstrous skyscraper-scaling, airplane smashing gorilla, you need to let down your hair and show off your silly side. Kidrobot presents the 16" King Kong HugMe Plush, featuring Kidrobot's signature HugMe plush shake action when you hug it or clap!"

Nissin Cup Noodles X Godzilla Phunny Plush

  • Description: "What’s a kaiju to do when he’s feeling hangry? Why eat noodles, of course! In this tasty plush mashup with Nissin®, Godzilla is fueling his monstruous appetite with that classic lunch staple: Cup Noodles®! This 7.5-inch-tall Godzilla Phunny Plush by Kidrobot comes complete with a noods cup featuring an oh-so-stompable cityscape!

Godzilla x Nissin Cup Noodles Lanyard and Pin Set

  • Description: "Take the world’s most famous kaiju with you anywhere! The Godzilla x Nissin Cup Noodles® Lanyard and 4pc Pin Set features Godzilla and the incredibly delicious Cup Noodles® for a tasty mashup that will help you keep track of badges, keys, and more. It includes a colorful printed lanyard and a 4-pack of 1.5” enamel pins to enjoy!"


  • The art of Godzilla for the Nissin Cup Noodles Lanyard and Pin Set was traced from Funko's Pop! 10" Godzilla figure.

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