Godzilla: Tokyo Clash

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Godzilla: Tokyo Clash
Box art for Godzilla: Tokyo Clash
Publisher Funko Games
Publish date August 1, 2020[1]
Languages English
Genre Strategy
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Godzilla: Tokyo Clash (ゴジラ 東京バトル,   Gojira Tōkyō Batoru, lit. Godzilla: Tokyo Battle) is a 2020 board game manufactured by Funko Games. It was released on August 1, 2020.


In Godzilla: Tokyo Clash, you play as the Earth's most fearsome Kaiju — Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Megalon — battling for dominance as the most terrifying monster in Japan. With detailed miniatures of the legendary monsters and a modular cityscape of 3D buildings to destroy, it's an epic battle every time you play!


The gameplay works with each player picking a monster. The monsters avaiable are Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah and Megalon.

The players take turns declaring actions using their cards or using a discard action listed in their kaiju mat by discarding a card. There are three main types of cards. attack cards, defense cards and movement cards.

Attack cards are divided between ranged and melee cards, which determine if the attack can be used only against kaiju in the same space as the user or in more spaces in a straight line. Melee attack cards can also be used to throw other kaiju or vehicle the same amount of spaces as the card's attack value. When a kaiju is attacked they reveal the same amount of cards as the damage from the top of their deck and the attacker chooses a card with the highest dominance value amongst the revealed cards and add it to their trophy pile.

Defense cards can only be played in response to an attack card or other source of damage and only one can be played against any given instance of damage. Defense cards simply reduce the amount of damage received by their defense value.

Movement cards simply make you move that amount of spaces.

Cards are played by spending energy off your energy counter. Each kaiju starts the game with 2 energy and can regain energy by destroying buildings, which is usually done by destroying vehicles or buildings. Buildings can be destroyed by throwing kaiju or vehicles at them while vehicles can be destroyed by being thrown at buildings or kaiju.

The game ends when the oxygen destroyer counter crosses the small building pieces that are placed in the damage track when they are destroyed on the board. The kaiju with the greatest sum of dominance points wins the game.



When throwing kaiju, they receive one damage if they hit another kaiju and no damage if they hit a building. When throwing vehicles they deal one damage to any kaiju they hit.


Cards with momentum allow you to play another card after you play them before you have to pass your turn to another player.


Enhancement cards stay in play after they are played and have continuous effects on the kaiju that played them.

King of Monsters

At the start of the game a random player is chosen to be the king of monsters. They get the king of monsters token, which provides one extra card in their hand during the refresh phase and 2 extra dominande vallue when the game ends. Whenever the king of monsters is damaged the kaiju that damaged them gets the king of monsters token.


The game consists of rounds divided in phases as follows

Oxygen Destroyer Phase

The oxygen destroyer marker is moved 1 space. This fase is skipped during the first round.

Action Phase

During this phase players can play cards, take discard actions or pass. When all players pass consecutively this phase ends.

Refresh Phase

During this phase each player draws cards until they have 5 cards in hand.

Event Phase

During this phase the event cards are activated.


The game pieces are divided between small buildings, large buildings and vehicles.

Small Buildings

  • Small Building
  • Lightning Generator

Large Buildings

  • Tower
  • Powerplant
  • Military Bunker
  • Radar Dish


  • Jet
  • Tank
  • Warship
  • UFO


  • Oxygen Destroyer Marker
  • King of Monsters Token

Event Cards

Here are the event cards from the game.

Rush Hour

Xilien Invasion

Air Strikes

Armored Assault

Naval Bombardment

Lightning Generators

Kaiju Cards

Godzilla Deck

Mothra Deck

King Ghidorah Deck

Megalon Deck

Kaiju Mats

Godzilla Kaiju Mat

Mothra Kaiju Mat

King Ghidorah Kaiju Mat

Megalon Kaiju Mat





Jason Kang


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