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Bullmark (ブルマァク,   Burumaaku) is a Japanese toy manufacturer that is famous for their works in producing figures of kaiju from both the Godzilla and Ultraman series from the 1960s onwards. They formed in 1969 after the toy company Marusan went out of business in the same year, and consistently produced figures until 1977, when they too went out of business. However, in 2009, Saburo Ishizuki, Bullmark's co-founder, relaunched the brand.


Generally, figures produced by Bullmark are highly sought-after by collectors, and can be sold for thousands of dollars online. Some of Bullmark's figures have the head of a bull stamped on the underside of the figure's foot, which has led to the brand affectionately being nicknamed Bull by some collectors. Bullmark's figures are very brightly coloured, similar to other companies of the same era, such as Marmit and POPY.


  • Bullmark is referenced in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #13 through Fake Godzilla, whose design in the comic is based on a figure of Godzilla produced by Bullmark in 1970.
  • Iwakura, another Japanese toy company, released a number of Toho kaiju figures based on Bullmark molds in 2004 and 2005.


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