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The Godzilla Card Game is an expandable competitive card game based on the Godzilla franchise which will be released by Bandai in September of 2019.


The Godzilla Card Game is part of Bandai's Chrono Clash card game system, which has previously been used for similar games based on other franchises such as Naruto. However, the Godzilla Card Game will not be compatible with other Chrono Clash card games. It features a large roster of kaiju from the Godzilla franchise, with the majority of the cards utilizing artwork originally from the Godzilla-themed booster packs for the Japanese card game Battle Spirits. The game is not turn-based, but rather involves use of a "power resource track," with players moving a token back and forth based on the power of the cards they play and the position of the token determining when play passes to other players. The game can be played with two to four players, and is intended for players ages 6 and up. The game is said to take approximately half an hour to complete.

The first set for the Godzilla Card Game will be released by Bandai in September 2019, and will include four fixed 50-card decks, a 16-card sideboard, 24 giant-sized cards, 4 turn sequence cards, four play mats, and a multi-language play manual. The set is expected to retail for $49.99 in the United States. Bandai will support the game with organized in-store play events beginning in October, while participating stores will receive Tournament Kits for these events that include materials for up to eight players, promotional posters, and prizes for tournament winners.[1]




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the monsters i want in this game varan daigoro gojirin zilla komodothrax kamoebas rokmutal pteradactel scylla methuselah bagan angireus baragon maguma bunyip abadon female muto the kotm one sargon typhon manda summit kaiju showa mogera kamacres solomon still the best 1973 his catchphrase manda gorosaures baphoment lethilthen behemoth dahgarah orga shiigan kumonga moklembme megalon and skeliturtel reply please oh and kiyla

Triceradon the 8th

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and minilla


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The Godzilla Card Game! Fun for The whole family! Watch as Godzilla destroys your home, your friends and family, and you.


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Always wanted a Godzilla Card Game! Yes!!!
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