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Monster X™ trademark icon trademark icon Monster X II™ trademark icon
Monster X /
Keizer Ghidorah
Monster X in Godzilla Final Wars
Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla Final Wars
Alternate names Monster-X,[1] Monster X II,
Kaiser Ghidorah, Kaizer Ghidorah[2]
Subtitle(s) Monster X: Super Space Monster
(宇宙超怪獣,   Uchū Chō Kaijū)[3]
Keizer Ghidorah: Giant Demon Beast
(大魔獣,   Daimajū)[3]
Strongest Monster in the Universe
(宇宙最強怪獣,   Uchū Saikyō Kaijū)[4]
Species Extraterrestrial skeletal three-headed dragon
Height 120 meters (Monster X),[2][3]
140 meters (Keizer Ghidorah)[3][2]
Length 150 meters (Keizer Ghidorah; w/o tail)[2][note 1]
Weight 60,000 metric tons (Monster X),[2]
100,000 metric tons (Keizer Ghidorah)[2]
Forms Monster X, Keizer Ghidorah
Controlled by XiliensGFW, GRAT
Allies Gigan, Hedorah,IDW SpaceGodzillaIDW
Enemies Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus,IDW, GRAT
Rodan,IDW Battra,IDW, GRAT Mechagodzilla,IDW
Kumonga,IDW TitanosaurusIDW
Designed by Katsuya Terada
Played by Motokuni Nakagawa (both forms),
Toshihiro Ogura (Keizer Ghidorah)
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Monster X:Keizer Ghidorah:More roars
Well now, let's enjoy the main event: the last chapter in the Godzilla saga!

Controller of Planet X, before unleashing Monster X (Godzilla Final Wars)

Monster X (モンスターX (エックス),   Monsutā Ekkusu), also known as his transformation Keizer Ghidorah (カイザーギドラ,   Kaizā Gidora), is a skeletal three-headed dragon kaiju who first appeared in the 2004 Toho Godzilla film Godzilla Final Wars.

The last and most powerful of the Xiliens' legion of monsters, Monster X arrived on Earth concealed inside the Gorath meteorite,[2] which was shot down by Godzilla over Tokyo. Monster X initiated combat with Godzilla, and proved to be a considerably more challenging opponent than the rest of the Xiliens' monsters. Monster X was briefly joined by Gigan, but Mothra soon arrived and sacrificed herself to destroy Gigan, leaving only Monster X and Godzilla. When the Xilien Mothership self-destructed, Monster X transformed into the immensely powerful Keizer Ghidorah, which nearly killed Godzilla before the Gotengo intervened and gave Godzilla a surge of energy that allowed him to triumph over his extraterrestrial foe. Monster X was Godzilla's final opponent in the Millennium series, as well as his last onscreen foe for a period of 10 years and the final new kaiju introduced in a Toho film until the Servum.


It is possible that Monster X's name is a reference to "Monster Zero," an alias for King Ghidorah. The "X" in his name could come from the Xiliens' Japanese name, the "X Aliens."

Keizer Ghidorah's name comes from the German word kaiser, meaning "emperor", and "Ghidorah," coming from the immediate name of King Ghidorah's species. Perhaps coincidentally, the "Keizer" spelling matches the Dutch word for "emperor", keizer. Keizer Ghidorah's name was chosen in reference to Keizer Ghidorah's position at the top of the Ghidorah group; an emperor above a king. Keizer Ghidorah's English name is alternatively spelled Kaiser Ghidorah or Kaizer Ghidorah in some Japanese media. In order to keep Keizer Ghidorah's appearance in the film a secret, the monster was referred to under the codename Monster X II, which also appeared on its trademark icon and in the film's end credits. Monster X, Monster X II and Keizer Ghidorah are unregistered trademarks of Toho, while "モンスターX" in Japanese is officially registered.[5]

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #4 contains a trademark icon for Keizer Ghidorah, despite Godzilla being the only monster to appear in the comic. Peculiarly, the icon used there uniquely bears the name "KEIZER GHIDORAH" rather than "MONSTER X II."[6] Rage Across Time #5—which does actually feature Keizer Ghidorah and Monster X—utilizes the normal "MONSTER X II" icon for the character, as do Godzilla #12 and #13.


Monster X and Keizer Ghidorah were designed by illustrator Katsuya Terada, who did character designs for many video games including the Legend of Zelda series. Monster X's design was meant to give the impression of Keizer Ghidorah's bones.[2][note 2] Monster X was portrayed by suit actor Motokuni Nakagawa, while Keizer Ghidorah's suit was operated by Nakagawa and Toshihiro Ogura, each of whom controlled one half of the suit.


Keizer Ghidorah's heads have differently shaped horns and spikes

Monster X is a bipedal creature with a white bone-like exoskeleton and black skin. Monster X has red eyes, a skeletal face, and long spikes on the top of his head. He possesses two small half-skulls on his shoulders and a long black forked tail.

Keizer Ghidorah incorporates elements of both King Ghidorah and Desghidorah in his appearance. Like Desghidorah, Keizer Ghidorah is quadrupedal, and like King Ghidorah he has gold skin. Keizer Ghidorah has much smaller wings than the other Ghidorahs, and lacks defined scales on his skin, instead having smooth gold skin with teal streaks and spikes erupting from multiple spots on his body. Keizer Ghidorah's middle neck is much longer than the other two, and each of his heads has a different arrangement of horns and spikes. Keizer Ghidorah also possesses two long, whip-like tails.


Unlike most of the Xiliens' other mind-controlled monsters, Monster X displays true malice in his battle with Godzilla, fighting viciously and relentlessly. He seems to take pleasure in causing Godzilla pain, such as when he breaks Godzilla's wrists and suspends him into the air, as well as when he holds Godzilla still for Gigan to slice him with his Bloody Chainsaws. Monster X's maliciousness is further demonstrated when he continues the battle even after Gigan and the Xiliens are defeated and any mind-control the Xiliens had over him is severed. After transforming into Keizer Ghidorah, Monster X blasts and beats Godzilla mercilessly across Tokyo, throwing him around with his antigravity beams and kicking the weakened Godzilla in the head.

In IDW Publishing's comics Godzilla and Godzilla: Rage Across Time, he continues to be a merciless villain.


Monster X was summoned by the Xiliens from the Gorath meteorite, which has unknown origins. Keizer Ghidorah is a form of Monster X. It is unknown if the Xiliens themselves created Monster X or if he was simply discovered by them.

In the IDW Publishing comic book series Godzilla, Monster X's origins are equally cryptic. According to the Shobijin, Monster X is a creature who is "both of this world, and not of this world." Later comics establish that Monster X is likely of the same species as King Ghidorah, who is established to be a spacefaring alien beast in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. In Godzilla: Rage Across Time, an IDW comic set in a separate continuity, Monster X is definitively a space monster, landing on Earth in a meteorite just prior to the arrival of an Xilien fleet.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

Monster X in Godzilla Final Wars

Monster X was summoned by the Controller of Planet X through the Gorath meteorite. Godzilla destroyed Gorath with his atomic breath in the skies over Tokyo, devastating much of the surrounding area. Monster X then floated down behind Godzilla and attacked him. Monster X overpowered Godzilla in hand-to-hand combat until Godzilla retaliated, resulting in a stalemate between the two monsters. Eventually, the modified Gigan arrived to assist Monster X. Monster X held Godzilla still from behind while Gigan sliced his chest with his Bloody Chainsaws. Mothra arrived and knocked Monster X and Gigan down, freeing Godzilla. Mothra and Gigan then fought and destroyed each other, leaving only Monster X and Godzilla. The monsters resumed their battle, with Godzilla gaining the upper hand and pinning Monster X to the ground, then proceeding to punch him repeatedly. Godzilla tried to blast Monster X in the face with his atomic breath, but Monster X pushed his head away, causing the beam to strike the Xilien Mothership instead. After the Mothership self-destructed and the Xiliens were destroyed, Monster X and Godzilla engaged in a beam-lock, causing both monsters to be blown back. After this, Monster X transformed into Keizer Ghidorah.

Keizer Ghidorah
Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla Final Wars

After his transformation, Keizer Ghidorah also engaged in a beam-lock with Godzilla, his antigravity beams easily overpowering Godzilla's atomic breath. Keizer Ghidorah then repeatedly attacked the outmatched Godzilla with his antigravity beams, tossing him across the ruins of Tokyo like a rag doll. Eventually, Keizer Ghidorah approached the fallen Godzilla and kicked him repeatedly in the head before lifting him into the air and draining his energy through his bite. The crew of the Gotengo saw Godzilla losing his energy to Keizer Ghidorah, and Shinichi Ozaki used the ship's Maser Cannon to transfer some of his Keizer energy into Godzilla. Godzilla was immediately re-energized and released a shockwave of energy, breaking him free from Keizer Ghidorah's grip. Keizer Ghidorah tried to retaliate with his antigravity beams, but Godzilla blasted off his middle head with his atomic breath and caused one of Keizer Ghidorah's antigravity beams to sever another head. Godzilla then tossed the maimed Keizer Ghidorah over his shoulder by the beast's remaining neck. Finally, Godzilla threw Keizer Ghidorah into the air and blasted him with his red spiral ray, pushing Keizer Ghidorah into space and causing him to explode.


Physical strength

Monster X is a physical match for Godzilla with his rapid melee attacks and impressive agility. Monster X is also the only monster Godzilla fought in Godzilla Final Wars that survived getting blasted by Godzilla's atomic breath at point-blank range in the face, actually appearing to shrug the attack off, as well as the only one able to bring Godzilla to his knees and make him roar out in pain with just one attack. Monster X's grip strength is extremely impressive, as he was able to suspend Godzilla in the air, then snap both his wrists simultaneously.

In Godzilla: Rage Across Time, Monster X defeated Godzilla by grabbing his head in his hands and kicking him off of a cliff into the lava below.

Keizer Ghidorah trades Monster X's agility and his exoskeleton for even more power, described by the Godzilla Final Wars theater program as the "trump card of the Ghidorah clan" who "possesses far more power than King Ghidorah." He is not fazed by any of Godzilla's attacks until the King of the Monsters is revitalized by Ozaki's energy. He is able to send Godzilla flying with a mere kick, clobber Godzilla with super-weight body presses (超重量ボディープレス), and easily lift him with his neck strength. Despite being slightly weaker than Monster X defensively, he can still completely resist Godzilla's atomic breath.

Gravity Beams

Monster X can fire yellow electrical beams in rapid bursts from its eyes, an ability known as Gravity Beam "Destroyed Thunder" (引力光線「デストロイド・サンダー」). These beams are fired from both eyes on Monster X's head and a single eye on each of the partial skull-like structures on his shoulders. These beams appear to be roughly equal in strength to Godzilla's atomic breath, and left visible injuries on his shoulder and hip. They also caused Godzilla pain in Godzilla: Rage Across Time.

Antigravity Beams

Keizer Ghidorah possesses a more powerful variant of Monster X's gravitational beams, called the Antigravity Beam "Destroyed Keizer" (反重力光線「デストロイド・カイザー」). Keizer Ghidorah spits these beams in continuous streams from all three of his mouths. These beams are seemingly stronger than Godzilla's atomic breath. Keizer Ghidorah can also guide their paths and both pick up and throw objects with them. In Godzilla: Rage Across Time, the beams lacked these properties, though they still proved powerful enough to quickly dispatch Mothra and Battra.

Energy siphoning

Keizer Ghidorah siphons Godzilla's energy

Keizer Ghidorah demonstrates the ability to directly siphon energy from Godzilla by biting down on him. His necks glow as the energy passes through them, in the case of Godzilla's energy a cyan color. However, Godzilla was able to break free after using the Keizer energy from Ozaki to overload Keizer Ghidorah's absorption, forcing him to release him.

Levitation and flight

Monster X floats down to the ground

Monster X is capable of levitating for a short period of time, while Keizer Ghidorah displays the ability to fly in the IDW comics Godzilla and Godzilla: Rage Across Time.


Monster X sprouts wings as he transforms into Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla Final Wars

Monster X can transform into the more powerful Keizer Ghidorah, as demonstrated in both Godzilla Final Wars and Godzilla #12. Keizer Ghidorah can also transform back into Monster X as shown in Godzilla: Rage Across Time #5.

Defensive capabilities

In Godzilla #13, Keizer Ghidorah was able to redirect the Skullsplitter beam fired at one of his heads back at Boxer's team. The Kaiju Guide entry for Keizer Ghidorah in the PlayStation 3/4 Godzilla game claims that he can "erect a barrier", though this was never demonstrated.[7]


In Godzilla Final Wars, Monster X was eventually outmatched by Godzilla prior to the destruction of the Xilien Mothership. Earlier in their battle, Monster X screeched in pain when Godzilla tricked Gigan into slashing him with his Bloody Chainsaws. Similarly, Godzilla quickly pinned Monster X in Godzilla: Rage Across Time, although the distraction presented by the Xilien fleet allowed the alien to triumph.

In Godzilla Final Wars, Keizer Ghidorah becomes disoriented after losing his middle head, and is easily defeated by Godzilla after this point. He is vulnerable to his own Destroyed Keizer antigravity beams, and was tricked by Godzilla into severing his right head using these beams. Keizer Ghidorah is severely outmatched after Godzilla is empowered with Ozaki's Keizer energy, with his atomic breath being capable of obliterating Keizer Ghidorah's middle head in a single hit. Godzilla's more powerful red spiral ray was capable of pushing Keizer Ghidorah into outer space and completely obliterating him. In Godzilla, Rodan decapitates Keizer Ghidorah's middle head with a powerful sonic boom, followed by Godzilla manipulating the right head to bite off the left head before crushing it underfoot.

Video games

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main articles: Kaiju Guide: Monster X, Kaiju Guide: Keizer Ghidorah.



Monster X in Godzilla

Monster X arrived on Earth alongside SpaceGodzillaGigan, and Hedorah. Monster X began his rampage in New York City before being quickly intercepted by Mothra. Despite the guardian monster's best efforts, Monster X proved too powerful and was able to defeat her. Shortly thereafter, Boxer, Harrison, and Asuka Hikari arrived in Mechagodzilla, who had also flown Kumonga to Monster X's location. Though Kumonga wasted no time in attacking Monster X, the alien monster was able to use his Gravity Beams to disintegrate Kumonga's webbing before forcibly grabbing the spider and breaking several of its legs in his hands. With Kumonga dispatched, Monster X engaged in a brief fight with Mechagodzilla before knocking the mech into the water, at which point SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla arrived in New York. All three monsters then fired their respective beams at each other. The resulting explosion knocked the kaiju back, though SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla recovered first. After sending SpaceGodzilla into retreat, Godzilla attempted to take on Monster X, though the alien wasted no time in gaining the upper hand by pummeling the King of the Monsters with his fists, firing his Gravity Beams at him, and using his tail as a whip to cut into Godzilla's skin. Eventually, after Godzilla managed to land a direct hit with his atomic ray, Monster X transmogrified into Keizer Ghidorah. The two dueling monsters engaged in another Beam-Fight, though Keizer Ghidorah was able to win with ease and knocked Godzilla back across New York Harbor and into Liberty Island. Keizer Ghidorah continued to unleash an unrelenting volley of Antigravity Beams at Godzilla, picking him up and flying him into various structures before dropping him to the ground from high in the sky. Just as things seemed hopeless, Rodan arrived following his battle with Gigan to assist Godzilla, while Claire Plangman unleashed her new weapon - the Skullsplitter - to further turn the tide against the three-headed dragon. With a powerful sonic boom created by his wings, Rodan managed to decapitate Keizer Ghidorah's center head, though Keizer Ghidorah retaliated by knocking Rodan out of the fight with his beams. However, this allowed Godzilla to recover and trick Keizer Ghidorah into biting off one of his other heads as he tried to bite Godzilla's neck. With only one head remaining, Keizer Ghidorah was unable to put up a fight as Godzilla blasted him with his atomic breath before finally killing him by crushing his remaining skull under his foot.

Godzilla: Rage Across Time

Keizer Ghidorah attacks Mothra and Battra in Godzilla: Rage Across Time

During the Cretaceous Period, Keizer Ghidorah arrived on Earth in a meteor shower that disrupted several kaiju battles around the globe. Upon arrival, Keizer Ghidorah dispatched Battra and Mothra before transforming into Monster X to fight Anguirus and Godzilla. After Monster X knocked Godzilla down with his Gravity Beams, Anguirus attempted to defend his ally, but Monster X threw him into a pool of lava. Godzilla then engaged the alien monster, pinning him down and biting him in the face, but was soon tossed aside into the lava after becoming momentarily distracted by the arrival of a fleet of Xilien UFOs. With the monsters defeated, Monster X returned to his Keizer Ghidorah form and rejoined the fleet, unaware of Godzilla's survival.

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Mechagodzilla

By the year 2074, giant monster attacks were occurring around the world on a daily basis, with kaiju such as Monster X being responsible for untold destruction.


Main article: Monster X/Gallery.


Monster X's roar appears to have been adapted from big cat growls and roars. As Keizer Ghidorah, his roar sounds like maniacal cackling, similar to King Ghidorah's characteristic cackling roar. They were later reused for the kaiju Bosquito in Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie . In IDW Publishing's Godzilla, Monster X's roar is written out as "AAIIEEE," and Keizer Ghidorah's is written out as "HHRRAAIII."

Monster X's and Keizer Ghidorah's roars


  • The name "Monster X" is also used to refer to Jiger (in the American title of her film, Gamera vs. Monster X) and Guilala (in the title of his second film, Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit).
  • Neither Monster X nor Keizer Ghidorah are referred to by name in Godzilla Final Wars.
  • Keizer Ghidorah's existence was first leaked by the fansite Henshin!Online on July 6, 2004.[8]
  • Monster X was briefly considered for Godzilla: Unleashed.[citation needed]
  • Shunsuke Fujita wanted to include Monster X in Bandai Namco's 2014 Godzilla video game, but couldn't because of time constraints.[citation needed]
  • Monster X's design may have been influenced by Seabozu, a monster from the original Ultraman series. Both monsters are skeletal in appearance with black and white bodies, horns on their heads, and spikes on their backs.
  • "X" is the Roman numeral for 10. Perhaps coincidentally, Monster X is the 10th monster fought by Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars.


Wikizilla: YouTube Kaiju Profile: Monster X


  1. Most sources, including Godzilla Final Wars Super Complete Works (p. 28), say that Keizer Ghidorah's body length is 150 meters, excluding his tails. However, Common Knowledge of Godzilla (p. 125) lists the "150 meter" number as belonging to Keizer Ghidorah's wingspan rather than his length.
  2. Monster X, design. Monster X is designed to give the image of Keizer Ghidorah's "bones." / モンスターX、デザイン。モンスターXは、カイザーギドラの”骨”をイメージしてデザインされている。


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