Xilien Mothership

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Xilien Mothership
The Xilien Mothership in Godzilla Final Wars
Diameter 1,000 meters[1]
Piloted by Xiliens
Attaches to Xilien UFOs α, ß and γ, Xilien Fighter
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars

The Xilien Mothership (X星人母艦,   Ekkusu Seijin Bokan) is the main ship used by the Xiliens in Godzilla Final Wars. The mobile base of operations for the Xiliens in their invasion of Earth, the Mothership released several UFOs which attacked the planet's military forces and released the army of monsters under the aliens' control. It was eventually boarded by the crew of the Gotengo, who defeated the Controller of Planet X and his men after which the ship self-destructed.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

The Mothership was first seen hovering over Tokyo when the Xiliens made contact with the Earth Defense Force. After the Xiliens' plans were uncovered, the Mothership discharged fighters and the Xilien UFOs Alpha, Beta and Gamma to attack the Earth's forces and release monsters. The Mothership was later attacked by the Gotengo, which drilled through the hull. After the Xiliens on board were defeated, the ship was sent into self destruct, and exploded.



The Mothership can fly.


The Mothership is constantly surrounded by a shield. It is powered by a generator.


The Mothership can deploy UFOs.



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