Devil's Whistle

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Devil's Whistle
Devil's Whistle
Targets Jiger
First appearance Gamera vs. Jiger

The Devil's Whistle (悪魔の笛) is a statue made by the ancient civilization of Mu to seal away the monster Jiger. It first appeared in the 1970 Daiei film Gamera vs. Jiger.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Jiger

Japan prepared to hold a world's fair called Expo 70 in Osaka. Several Expo workers planned to remove a mysterious statue from Wester Island called the Devil's Whistle, which they believed to be proof of the ancient civilization of Mu. A local, Gibo, warned that the statue kept the legendary evil monster Jiger sealed away and its removal would free the evil beast, but was ignored. As the helicopters lifted the statue up, Gamera landed on the island and held onto the statue. The workers fired their rifles at Gamera, making him release his grip. A volcanic eruption distracted him, and he flew into it to feed off the molten rock, allowing the helicopters to load the Devil's Whistle onto the ship Nankai-Maru and transport it to Japan. The legend soon proved to be true as Jiger burst out from under the ground the statue stood upon. As the monster drank water after thousands of years of sleeping in her prison, Gamera sensed her presence and challenged her to a fight, only to be defeated. She turned her attention to tracking down the statue and destroying it before it could be used against her.

Jiger swam to Osaka and destroyed the Nankai-Maru, but not before the statue could be airlifted by helicopters. She jumped at them, but found them to be out of reach. Gamera arrived in the city for a rematch with Jiger. He soon gained the advantage, but she sprouted a stinger from her tail and stabbed him in the shoulder, infecting him with her parasitic offspring and putting him into a death-like coma. Jiger fell asleep after the battle, then attacked the Expo the next morning during a strategy meeting there. She located the Devil's Whistle and threw it into the ocean. Two young boys, Hiroshi and Tommy, stole a miniature submarine and ventured into Gamera's body, inadvertently killing the Baby Jiger inside by throwing their walkies-talkie. Dr. Williams and other scientists hypothesized that Jiger was weak to low-frequency waves, as her energy weapons are high-frequency waves, and that the wind passing through the Devil's Whistle created a low frequency sound that kept her at bay much like a dog whistle. Operation Loudspeaker was created, wherein loudspeakers emulating the Devil's Whistle kept Jiger at bay at the Expo while live wires from a power plant were used on Gamera like defibrillators to resuscitate him.

Gamera woke up from his coma, but the current used to revive him caused the loudspeakers to short out. Gamera quickly flew to the Expo and confronts Jiger for their final battle. After Gamera stunned her with a body slam and partially buried her, he flew into the ocean, retrieved the Devil's Whistle, and returned to the battle, flying above Jiger. Desperate to destroy the ancient weapon, Jiger tried lunging at Gamera repeatedly. As the ancient demon of Mu leapt up one last time, Gamera threw the statue at her, spike-end first like a throwing knife. The spiked went through Jiger's skull and stabbed into her brain, causing her to fall to the ground and spasm before finally dying. Gamera grabbed Jiger's body and flew back to Wester Island, having ended the threat she posed once and for all.


Low-frequency noise

The Devil's Whistle produces a low-frequency noise when the wind blows through which repels Jiger.


The bottom half of the Devil's Whistle is shaped like a spike, which allowed Gamera to kill Jiger by stabbing her with it.




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