Object Transmitting Machine

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Object Transmitting Machine
Sudo uses the Object Transmitting Machine in The Secret of the Telegian
Piloted by Sudo
First appearance The Secret of the Telegian

The Object Transmitting Machine (物体電送機,   Buttai Densō-ki) is a teleportation device invented by Dr. Nikki and used by Sudo in the 1960 Toho film, The Secret of the Telegian.


The Object Transmitting Machine is the end result of research by ultra-nationalist Japanese scientist Dr. Nikki in the field of matter teleportation. Using the same technology and methods used to transmit audio and video onto television screens, Nikki was able to create a device capable of transmitting solid objects and even human beings from one place to another. Nikki was assisted in his research by Sudo, who aimed to use the device to enact terrible vengeance on those who betrayed him.


The Object Transmitting Machine consists of a large cylindrical chamber flanked by two large rectangular panels on each side. Each panel contains various levers and buttons that operate the machine, while the central chamber is filled with rings of glowing blue lights. To operate the machine, a large cryotron switch is placed in an opening on top of the chamber, while the object or person to be transmitted is placed inside the chamber, which is sealed by a door. The cryotron begins bombarding the subject with electrical currents while the chamber rotates and the lights glow brightly. The subject is gradually enveloped in bluish light before it vanishes entirely and is transmitted to another machine in a separate location.


Showa era

The Secret of the Telegian

During World War II, Dr. Nikki studied methods to transmit matter and human beings through space, intending to help Japan in the war effort. After Nikki and Lance Corporal Sudo were betrayed by a group of soldiers on the night of Japan's surrender and left for dead, they survived and relocated to a remote farmhouse located outside of Karuizawa, Nagano. Though having lost his legs, with the help of Sudo Nikki was able to construct a laboratory in the basement of the farmhouse and continue his work on teleportation. After fourteen years, Nikki completed the Object Transmitting Machines and was able to successfully transmit Sudo from one device to another one located far away. While Nikki believed he was performing the research to better mankind, Sudo secretly planned to use the machine to systematically hunt down and murder each of the four soldiers who had tried to kill himself and Nikki years before. By hiding the machines in different locations throughout Japan, Sudo was able to corner and kill three of his four targets before law enforcement finally uncovered his plan and tracked him down to the farmhouse. Nikki was shocked that Sudo was using his invention for evil, and told Sudo that he no longer wanted him as his assistant. Sudo choked Nikki into unconsciousness and used the machine to go after his last target: Onishi. While Sudo was hunting his prey, pursued by police, Nikki regained consciousness and disabled the transmitting machine just before Mount Asama erupted, destroying the laboratory and the machine and killing Nikki. When Sudo tried to use a machine to teleport back to the laboratory, the device malfunctioned and vaporized Sudo before exploding, ending his murder spree for good.


Cryotron-based transmission

The Object Transmitting Machine is powered by special circuits known as cryotrons, which must be kept at a constant low temperature in order to function, achieved by refrigeration devices built into the machine. After another destination machine is selected and the machine is prepared for transmission, a large cryotron is placed over the machine's central chamber. The subject enters the chamber and closes the door, and the chamber begins to light up and rotate. The cryotron bombards the subject with electrical rays and gradually breaks it down and transmits it to the receiving machine.

Side effects

The device can cause some unintended side effects to the subject being transmitted. In the case of Sudo, he would frequently become surrounded by a blue glowing outline and distorted bluish bands after being transmitted, similar to a distorted picture on a television set. If the receiving machine is deactivated or destroyed while a subject is attempting to transmit, they will be slowly pulled apart and vaporized.






  • The Object Transmitting Machine is similar to the teleportation device featured in the 1958 American science-fiction film The Fly.


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