Giant Parabolic Mirror

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Giant Parabolic Mirror
Giant Parabolic Mirror
Height N/A
Targets Barugon
First appearance Gamera vs. Barugon

The Giant Parabolic Mirror (巨大放物面鏡,   Kyodai hōbutsumenkyō) is a giant laser reflecting mirror which first appeared in the 1965 Daiei Film Gamera vs. Barugon.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Barugon

After several operations to destroy Barugon failed, the JSDF had helicopters raining fresh water down on the monster to keep it immobile as they scramble for a new plan. Keisuke Hirata and Karen visit the site of an earlier failed missile attack were all the weapons and vehicles were vaporized by the monster's Rainbow Death Rays. The two wonder if Barugon can even be defeated as even Gamera lost and was left frozen when something catches Keisuke's eyes. He finds mirrors of a jeep that survived the vehicle's vaporization. He brings the mirrors to the JSDF and tells them that Barugon's deadly rainbow can be reflected back at him, possibly even kill him.

Operation Rear-View Mirror was set into motion. A microwave antenna on Mount Kajika was outfitted with giant panels coated in mercury to make them extra reflective. Calculations were made to calibrate the aim of the Giant Parabolic Mirror to be perfectly aligned with the monster at Lake Biwa. When night fell, several tanks and cannons were remotely operated to fire upon Barugon, tricking the beast into firing his dazzlingly beautiful but deadly rainbow. The weapons were vaporized but as they reached the dish of the mirror they were focused and redirected back at the monster as a gold-white laser, wounding him badly. The monster ceased his attack and rolled around on the ground bleeding purple blood. Though injured, Barugon survived. To everyone's despair, Karen says Barugon will not use his rainbow again, as animals learn from painful mistakes. Just when all hope seemed lost, Gamera, having thawed out from their last battle, was flying towards Barugon for a rematch.


Heat resistance

The Giant Parabolic Mirror is able to withstand the extreme heat of Barugon's Rainbow Death Ray and redirect it away.


The Giant Parabolic Mirror is able to combine and reflect Barugon's Rainbow Death Ray back at him as a deadly focused white or gold energy beam which can severely wound him.



The idea of a mirror modifying and reflecting a monster's energy beam back at them would be repeated decades later in TOHO Studios 1989 Godzilla vs. Biollante with the Super X2's Fire Mirror.


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