Gamera: The Time Adventure

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Gamera: The Time Adventure
The cover of Gamera: The Time Adventure
Publisher Bandai
Platforms Bandai Playdia
Languages Japanese
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Gamera: The Time Adventure (ガメラ THE TIME ADVENTURE (ザ・タイム・アドベンチャー),   Gamera Za Taimu Adobenchā) is a Japanese video game published by Bandai for the Playdia console on March 22, 1995.


The mysterious giant monster Gamera has appeared on Earth! But is he truly a friend, or a foe? You must board the latest time machine "Plasma Blue" to warp to 7 different spacetimes and bring back their "Time Codes!" Ferocious monsters lurk throughout space and time!


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Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ayako Fujitani   as   Ayako, spacetime controller



Weapons, vehicles, races and organizations

  • Time Patrol
  • Plasma Blue
  • Zanon


Gamera: The Time Adventure commercial
Gameplay demo

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