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GAMERA -Rebirth-
GAMERA -Rebirth- "kaiju pro wrestling visual"
Air date 2023[1]
Directed by Hiroyuki Seshita[2]
Written by Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko,
Tetsuya Yamada, Hiroyuki Seshita[2]
Music by Shuji Katayama[2]
Funded by GAMERA Rebirth Production Committee[2]
Production company ENGI[2]
Channel(s) Netflix[3]
Episodes 6[4]
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Gamera, reborn. (ガメラ、復活――。)

— Tagline

GAMERA -Rebirth- (GAMERA (ガメラ) -Rebirth (リバース)-,   Gamera: Ribāsu) is an upcoming animated Gamera miniseries directed and co-written by Hiroyuki Seshita.[2] Funded by the GAMERA Rebirth Production Committee and animated by ENGI,[2] it will star the voices of Hisako Kanemoto, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Aki Toyosaki, and Subaru Kimura.[5] The series will span six episodes[4] and feature Gamera fighting against five kaiju.[6] It is the character's first major appearance since Gamera the Brave in 2006. The series will stream worldwide via Netflix[3] in 2023.[1]


GAMERA -Rebirth- was announced on November 17, 2022 (all dates in JST) through an official website and Twitter account. Few details were provided, except that it will stream globally on Netflix.[3]

In a New Year's tweet on January 1, 2023, the official @gamera_info Twitter alluded to GAMERA -Rebirth- being released in 2023.[1]

On January 30, it was announced that the project will be an animated series consisting of six episodes,[4] as well as that Gamera would battle five kaiju in the series, including Gyaos.[6]

The series' key staff and cast members and animation studio were revealed on February 13.[2][5]


GAMERA -Rebirth-'s announcement was accompanied by two teaser images—one depicting Gamera in silhouette and the other a closeup of his eye[7]—and a brief teaser trailer. The teaser was uploaded to Kadokawa's anime YouTube channel, hinting the project may be animated. Beginning November 21, the teaser images were displayed on the "Shibuya Super Board" billboard on the Tokyu Toyoko train line and the teaser trailer played on the Umeda Bigman billboard in Osaka.[8]

Also included in the announcement was a comment from Heisei Gamera trilogy director Shusuke Kaneko, who expressed his support for the project and stated that he had completed a proposal for his own unrelated Reiwa Gamera project.[9] An S.H. MonsterArts figure of Gamera was teased at the Tamashii Nation 2022 exhibition in Tokyo from November 18 through 20.[8] A "Gamera newspaper" was also distributed there,[10] teasing a silhouette of Gamera's shell and heavily magnified images of the MonsterArts figure.[11]

On January 30, 2023, another teaser trailer was released[4] along with key art of Gyaos.[6] Heisei Gamera trilogy screenwriter Kazunori Ito also gave a comment of support for the project.[12] Later that day, it was announced that GAMERA -Rebirth- will have a panel on the main stage of AnimeJapan 2023 on March 25 as well as have a presence at the event's Kadokawa booth. The panel will feature the series' four lead voice actors, and a new trailer will be released.[13]

A "kaiju pro wrestling visual" featuring both Gamera and Gyaos was released on February 13. Each new monster that is announced for the series will be added to the art.[14]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Assistant director   Keisuke Ide
  • Episode director   Yuichi Ishima
  • Animation director   Koji
  • Modeling and lighting director   Mitsunori Kataama
  • Chief engineer   Mitsuru Tanaka
  • Written by   Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko, Tetsuya Yamada, Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Series composition by   Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko, Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Based on the Gamera franchise by   Kadokawa
  • Produced by   Satoshi Ijima
  • Line producer   Kyohei Matsukama
  • Music by   Shuji Katayama
  • Sound director   Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Production design by   Naoya Tanaka, Ferdinando Patulli
  • Edited by   Aya Hida
  • CG supervisors   Shotaro Hori, Takayuki Sasada, Paulo Motoki
  • Animation supervisors   Masafumi Sekine, Koji, Kazuhiro Higa
  • Rigging supervisor   Yohei Sunamura
  • Environment supervisor   Hazuki Nakamura
  • Effects supervisor   Naoya Miyadai
  • Technical supervisor   Satoshi Hokari
  • Character designer   Atsushi Tamura
  • Kaiju designer   Kan Takahama
  • Mechanical designer   Takehiko Hoashi


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Hisako Kanemoto   as   Boko
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   as   Joe
  • Aki Toyosaki   as   Junichi
  • Subaru Kimura   as   Brody




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Animation teaser
Teaser trailer
Gamera 57th anniversary video


  • GAMERA -Rebirth- is the first fully animated Gamera production as well as the franchise's first television series.
  • GAMERA -Rebirth- will mark the first full-scale production of the Gamera franchise since Gamera the Brave in 2006, as well as the first released during Japan's Reiwa era.
  • This series shares multiple staff members with Polygon Pictures' GODZILLA anime trilogy: director and co-writer Hiroyuki Seshita was the co-director of all three movies, episode director Yuichi Ishima was an animator on GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, co-writer Tetsuya Yamada was an associate writer on Planet of the Monsters and the co-writer of GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle, and production designers Naoya Tanaka and Ferdinando Patulli were the production designers of all three movies.

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