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Hiroki "Boco" Wada
Boco in the GAMERA -Rebirth- trailer
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 11[1]
Height 142 centimeters
Weight 38 kilograms
Related to Aiko Wada (mother)
First appearance GAMERA -Rebirth-
Played by Hisako Kanemoto (voice)
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Hiroki Wada (和多 大輝,   Wada Hiroki), nicknamed Boco (ボコ,   Boko), is a main character in the 2023 animated series GAMERA -Rebirth-.


He has a kind personality and doesn't abandon others. However, he is the most unreliable person around him and causes many worries. He lives alone with his mother, who is a copywriter. His real name is Hiroki Wada. He is 11 years old.[1]


Reiwa era

GAMERA -Rebirth-

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  • According to Boco's blood test report seen in episode 5, he was born on February 22, has a blood type of O, and is an only child.


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