Yukari Yamane

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Yukari Yamane
Yukari Yamane
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation TV Journalist
Related to Kenkichi Yamane (Brother),
Shinkichi Yamane (Father),
Emiko Yamane (Adoptive aunt),
Kyohei Yamane (Adoptive grandfather),
Kensaku Ijuin (Love interest)
First appearance Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Played by Yoko Ishino

Yukari Yamane (山根 ゆかり,   Yamane Yukari) is a TV reporter and a supporting character in the 1995 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Yukari was a television journalist, who interviewed Dr. Kensaku Ijuin on TV about his new invention, micro-oxygen. After the interview, Yukari was contacted by her aunt Emiko, who warned her that Ijuin's invention was dangerously similar to Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer, which he had died to prevent from ever being used again. Yukari contacted Ijuin again, in order to question him in more depth about his invention. Ijuin confessed that he had referenced some of Serizawa's research when creating micro-oxygen, but said that he never intended for it to be used as a weapon. Yukari later met with her brother Kenichi, who informed her that Godzilla would soon explode and destroy the world, and that Dr. Ijuin's invention could be the key to recreating the Oxygen Destroyer and stopping Godzilla. Yukari and Kenichi approached Ijuin to ask him to recreate the Oxygen Destroyer, but Ijuin revealed that a lifeform from a soil sample harvested from the site under Tokyo Bay where the Oxygen Destroyer was detonated in 1954 had escaped, effectively unleashing the power of micro-oxygen into the world.

Yukari was on the scene reporting live when the further-mutated creatures from the soil sample attacked a building and did battle with a SWAT team. During the battle, a juvenile Destoroyah emerged from the building and attacked a crowd of spectators. Yukari ran into her car to hide, but the Destoroyah tore the vehicle apart to try and reach her. Before the monster could kill Yukari, Dr. Ijuin pulled her out of the way and took her to safety, while a group of soldiers incinerated the Destoroyah with flamethrowers. Yukari accompanied Ijuin in a news chopper covering the battle between Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, and Destoroyah. She witnessed the final form of Destoroyah emerge from a burning refinery, remarking how huge it was. Kenichi later contacted Yukari and informed her that Miki Saegusa and Meru Ozawa were stranded near the ruins of Haneda Airport, so the news chopper landed there and rescued them. After Godzilla had melted down, Yukari solemnly noted that humanity had paid for its reckless use of nuclear energy in the end.

Family tree

Kyohei Yamane
Emiko YamaneShinkichi YamaneMasaji Yamada
Kenkichi YamaneYukari Yamane



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