Kilaak Queen

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Kilaak Queen
Kikaak Queen in Destroy All Monsters
Species Kilaak
Occupation Leader
First appearance Destroy All Monsters
Played by Kyoko Ai

The Kilaak Queen (キラアク星人首領,   Kiraaku Seijin Shuryō, lit. Kilaak Alien Leader) is the leader of the Kilaaks and the main antagonist in the 1968 Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters.


Showa era

Destroy All Monsters

The Kilaak Queen is the ruler of the Kilaaks, a race of aliens from the asteroid belt. She leads an invasion force to the moon, and seeks to destroy some of the humans to build a new Kilaak society on earth. She begins the invasion by taking control of Monsterland and several earth people. She remains kind and collected throughout the film, but has problems with making it clear that Earth is now in her control. She is shown to be quite crafty, as when their Moon base is destroyed, She allows the humans to find some of her transmitters which she used to control the monsters, and in the time they spent searching for them, She erected a new base. When she fears the Kilaaks may fall, she sends out King Ghidorah to combat every other monster in the world. Ghidorah is defeated and The Queen is slain by Godzilla.



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