Kilaak Queen

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Kilaak Queen
Kikaak Queen in Destroy All Monsters
Species Kilaak
Occupation Leader
First appearance Destroy All Monsters
Played by Kyoko Ai

The Kilaak Queen (キラアク星人首領,   Kiraaku Seijin Shuryō, lit. Kilaak Alien Leader) is the leader of the Kilaaks and the main antagonist in the 1968 Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters.


The Queen maintained a pleasant demeanor throughout the film, even as she explained the Kilaaks' plans to conquer Earth to protesting humans. She showed no alarm when the crew of the Moonlight SY-3 attempted to attack her, only losing her composure when Godzilla closed in on the Kilaak base at Mt. Fuji.


Showa era

Destroy All Monsters

The Kilaak Queen was the ruler of the Kilaaks, a race of aliens from the asteroid belt. After establishing a hidden base on the Moon, the Queen led an invasion force to build a new Kilaak society on Earth. The Kilaaks used their mind control technology to take Monsterland, gaining control over the monsters and the island's staff. As the Kilaaks instructed the kaiju to wreak havoc across the globe, the Queen met with Captain Katsuo Yamabe and the crew of the Moonlight SY-3 on Monsterland, where she detailed her plans and expected humanity to surrender to her. Resisting, the crew attacked her, but found that they could not harm her due to a forcefield surrounding her. The Queen then ordered the rest of the mind-controlled Monsterland staff after the crew while she made her escape.

The Kilaak later established a base within Mount Fuji, which was later discovered by Katsuo and his allies. However, the Kilaaks' forcefield technology prevented them from acting on the discovery while the Kilaak Queen formally declared that Earth no longer belonged to humans alone.

Eventually, following the destruction of the Kilaaks' moon base which freed Earth's kaiju from their control, the Queen summoned King Ghidorah to defend their base in Mount Fuji from the monsters that were now under humanity's control. However, King Ghidorah was soon defeated, prompting the Queen to unleash the "Fire Dragon" to destroy the base on Monsterland where the kaiju were being controlled from. Though she expected to be victorious, Godzilla suddenly began attacking the Kilaak base without any outside influence, instinctively aware of who his true enemy was. Several of the Kilaaks attempted to retreat, but the Kilaak Queen could only watch in stunned silence as Godzilla breached the base, forcing all of the Kilaaks to revert to their helpless true forms.



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