Kilaak UFO

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Kilaak UFO
The "Fire Dragon"
Targets Godzilla, Rodan, Minilla, Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Kumonga, Mothra, Baragon, Varan, Manda, Moonlight SY-3
Piloted by Kilaaks

The Kilaak UFO (キラアク星円盤,   Kiraaku-Boshi Enban, lit. Kilaak Star Disk), known as the Fire Dragon (火竜,   Hiryū) when it was encased in fire, is a spaceship used by the Kilaaks that first appeared in the 1968 Toho film, Destroy All Monsters.


Showa era

Destroy All Monsters

While flying around its lunar base, the Moonlight SY-3 sighted a Kilaak UFO flying around the moon.

After Godzilla and the other monsters defeated King Ghidorah, a Kilaak UFO, identified as a kaiju called the "Fire Dragon," emerged from the Kilaak base. The ship caught Rodan on fire and flew around, destroying a building as well as several J.A.S.D.F. jets. However, Godzilla was able to find their base and so ripped into it, dropping the base's temperature and having the Kilaaks be forced into hibernation. Shortly afterwards, the SY-3 found and took down the last one of the Kilaaks' spacecraft.


Destroy All Monsters

The Fire Dragon in the Destroy All Monsters manga

The 1968 manga adaptation of Destroy All Monsters features a Fire Dragon that is more true to its title, assuming the full-fledged appearance of a dragon made of flames, despite still being revealed as a Kilaak UFO in the end.

Video games


  • The Fire Dragon can create a lot of heat, covering itself in flames. Like this, the spaceship can ravage anything in its path. This fire is strong enough to even set kaiju such as Rodan ablaze. When on fire, this mode is referred to as the "Fire Dragon."


In other languages

  • German: Feuerdrache (Fire Dragon)
  • Russian: Огненный Дракон (Fire Dragon)
  • Spanish: Dragón de Fuego (Fire Dragon)
  • Serbian: Ватрени Змај / Vatreni Zmaj (Fire Dragon)


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25 months ago
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I hate this thing. It was a lazy attempt to try and get more action into the film that just ends up being boring and it's only there to pad the runtime of the film.

Key Mace

40 months ago
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In my opinion, the fire Manda in the NES game is more likely to be this thing, I really doubt it is really Manda.
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