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MOTHER in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Subtitle(s) Disk-type Time Machine
(円盤型タイムマシン,   Enbangata Taimu Mashin)[1]
Piloted by Futurians
First appearance Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

MOTHER (MOTHER (マザー),   Mazā) is a time-traveling craft utilized by the Futurians which first appeared in the 1991 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

A time machine belonging to the Earth Union Organization (EUO) in 2204, MOTHER was stolen by Wilson and the Futurians and piloted back to 1992 Japan as part of Wilson's scheme to prevent Japan's rise to a global economic superpower. Using MOTHER's subship KIDS, the Futurians attempted to erase Godzilla from history and replace him with their own monster, King Ghidorah. The Futurians controlled King Ghidorah from MOTHER as the monster ravaged Japan, until Futurian defector Emmy Kano, the android M11, and writer Kenichiro Terasawa raided the ship to sabotage Wilson's twisted plan. MOTHER was badly damaged in the attack but prepared to warp back to the future, only for Emmy to use KIDS to teleport the ship in front of the revitalized Godzilla, who promptly destroyed it along with Wilson.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

When an unidentified craft arrived in the skies of Japan in 1992, it gave the country cause for concern. The craft landed, and from it came a group of Futurians, people from the year 2204. They arrived to submit a grave warning to Japan about a dreadful future. They foretold of a time when Godzilla would destroy a portion of the nation's nuclear reactors, effectively releasing enough pollution to make Japan an uninhabitable graveyard.

Using advanced technology aboard KIDS (a smaller time-ship that MOTHER could deploy), they transported the unirradiated Godzillasaurus in 1944 away from Lagos Island, placing it deep beneath the navy blue waves of the Bering Sea. The Futurians had also placed three genetically-engineered creatures called Dorats onto the island. They happily ran about the island, awaiting the nuclear tests that were to happen a couple of years later. When the bomb struck the island, the creatures mutated and merged into King Ghidorah.

The Godzillasaurus in the Bering Sea was unknowingly mutated by a Soviet nuclear submarine crash, and the leviathan further mutated when he absorbed the energy from another nuclear submarine in 1992. King Ghidorah was sent to fight Godzilla, but a raid aboard MOTHER by Kenichiro Terasawa, defector Emmy Kano and the android M11 resulted in the time travelers' losing control over King Ghidorah. Godzilla gained the upper hand shortly thereafter.

The Futurians desperately mounted an escape aboard MOTHER, but Emmy, utilizing M11, teleported the ship right in front of Godzilla before it could warp back to 2204. Godzilla blasted the ship, and it exploded. The plans of the Futurians to obliterate Japan had been stopped.

Emmy and M11 then traveled into the future aboard KIDS, intent on searching for a lifeless body that had a greater purpose.



MOTHER is capable of flight.

Time travel

MOTHER can utilize time travel.

KIDS deployment

MOTHER can deploy KIDS, a smaller time-ship.


MOTHER is capable of levitating individuals inside the ship.


MOTHER is armed with a protective barrier that can destroy aircraft which venture too close.


MOTHER is equipped with a device that can project 3-D holograms.

Emergency time warp

MOTHER is equipped with an emergency time warp function which will automatically teleport the ship back to the year 2204 after 20 minutes in case of an emergency.

Video games



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