Brainwave Control Device

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Brainwave Control Device
The Brainwave Control Device in Gamera vs. Viras
Targets Gamera
Piloted by ViriansGvV; Zanon captainGSM
Launched from Viras UFOGvV; ZanonGSM
First appearance Latest appearance
Gamera vs. Viras Gamera Super Monster

The Brainwave Control Device (脳波コントロール装置,   Nōha Kontorōru Sōchi) is a mind-control device first used by the Virians in the 1968 Daiei film Gamera vs. Viras.


In Gamera vs. Viras, the Brainwave Control Device is a round object patterned similarly to the Viras UFO with concentric yellow circles. It is comprised of two units, a spherical device which attaches to the target to be controlled, and a control panel within the UFO itself.

In Gamera Super Monster, the device’s design is very different; it is silver in color, and shaped like a flattened cone.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Viras

After Gamera managed to release Masao and Jim from the Viras UFO's Super Catch Ray, the Virians used the minutes they had left to study Gamera's memories using their Videotron device. Learning of Gamera's desire to protect children, the aliens opted to use this aspect of the monster's personality against him, and quickly flew towards the scout camp where Masao and Jim were, abducting the two humans. After warning Gamera that they had taken the children hostage using the UFO's Brainwave Decryption Device and that they would execute them should he attempt to destroy the UFO as he had done to the first expedition force, the Virians instructed Gamera to follow them towards a secluded location. There, it was decided to fully take control of Gamera, and the Brainwave Control Device was unveiled. After the UFO subdued Gamera with shots of its laser beam, the Brainwave Control Device was shot at Gamera, attaching to the back of his neck. With Gamera under control, the Virians ordered the monster to destroy Okumusashi Dam and numerous locations in Tokyo, but their control over him was severed when the humans reversed the polarity of the device's control panel, causing Gamera to disobey. The device itself later exploded after Gamera began attacking the UFO, fully freeing him from its control.

Gamera Super Monster

Appearing through stock footage, the device is used again, this time by the unseen captain of the Zanon. Once again, Gamera attacks and destroys a dam, but the device is broken once more, this time by the Spacewomen.




Gamera vs. Viras

Gamera Super Monster


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