Zigra UFO

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Zigra UFO
The Zigra UFO in Gamera vs. Zigra
Targets Gamera, JSDF
Piloted by Zigra
First appearance Gamera vs. Zigra

The Zigra UFO (ジグラ星円盤,   Jigura-sei Enban, lit. "Planet Zigra Saucer") is a spaceship belonging to the alien shark Zigra in the 1971 Daiei film Gamera vs. Zigra.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Zigra

Zigra used the vessel to traverse the cosmos in search of a new home planet after his own became overrun by pollution. After discovering Earth, Zigra first used the spacecraft to destroy a base on the Moon and abduct astronaut Chikako Sugawara before submerging beneath the ocean on Earth. The spaceship later abducted two scientists and their children while the group was in a boat on the ocean, where a brainwashed Sugawara demonstrated the scientific might of Zigra by unleashing a devastating earthquake on Tokyo. Sugawara broadcast a message to the people of Earth from the ship, demanding their surrender. After Sugawara placed the two protesting scientists in a trance, the children attempted to escape and, while meddling with the ship's controls, inadvertently caused Sugawara to freeze in place. The children then made their escape, figuring out how to use the ship's controls to return them and their boat to the surface. Angered, Zigra freed Sugawara from her trance and demanded that she find and kill the children, concerned that they knew too much of the ship's secrets. The spacecraft gave chase in the ocean, but Gamera arrived just in time to save the boat and bring the group to safety.

As Sugawara journeyed to the mainland to find the children, the JSDF attempted to engage Zigra, though his spacecraft proved too powerful and destroyed everything they hit him with. Soon, however, Gamera returned and engaged the ship. The ship fired its lasers at Gamera, but was unable to harm him before Gamera destroyed the ship with his flame breath. With his ship's destruction, Zigra grew rapidly in size due to the difference of Earth's water pressure, and once more declared his intent to conquer the planet now that he was stranded on Earth.


Beam emitter

Zigra fired two of his rays from inside the Zigra UFO: the green Fourth Dimensional Beam (四次元光線,   Yojigen Kōsen) which can transfer matter, and the red Earthquake-Inducing Beam (地震誘発光線,   Jishin Yūhatsu Kōsen) that can cause massive explosions and devastating earthquakes.[1] Each was projected from a red gem on the front of the ship.


Using the sharp fins mounted on its back, the Zigra UFO effortlessly sliced a large ship in half.

Space travel

The Zigra UFO can travel through space. It can presumably fly in Earth's atmosphere, although this was never shown in the film.


The Zigra UFO can operate and travel underwater. It avoided Gamera's attempts to grab it until backing into him.


Missiles fired by a fighter jet squadron had no effect on the Zigra UFO, although it is unclear if they ever made contact with it. It weathered Gamera throwing a small rock at it and bashing it repeatedly with another rock, but was completely destroyed by his Flame Jet.





  • Due to the physical similarities of the spaceship and Zigra's head/back, stock footage of the scene involving the Zigra UFO destroying the ship while chasing the boat is used in Gamera Super Monster (1980), where the footage is presented as scenes of Zigra swimming.


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