Mu Submarine

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Mu Submarine
The Mu Submarine in Atragon
Length 130 meters[1]
Weight 7,500 metric tons[1]
Other Stats Maximum Depth: 3,000 meters[1]
Targets Gotengo
First appearance Atragon

The Mu Submarine (MU潜水艇,   Mu Sensui-tei) is a submarine that appeared in the 1963 Toho film, Atragon.


Showa era


The Mu Submarines were the standard transportation of Muan agents from Mu to the surface world. They were also used to attack ships from below. They could dive to extreme depths, causing the Red Satan, which was tailing it, to explode. After the destruction of Mu, two submarines escaped, but they were frozen by the Gotengo's Zero Cannon.


Unused special effects footage of the
Gotengo and the Mu Submarine


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