Hover Car

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Hover Car
The Hover Car in King Kong Escapes
Piloted by Carl Nelson
Launched from Explorer
First appearance King Kong Escapes

The Hover Car (ホバークラフト,   Hobākurafuto, lit. Hovercraft) is a hovering vehicle featured in the 1967 Toho film King Kong Escapes.


Showa era

King Kong Escapes

After the United Nations research submarine Explorer was damaged in an underwater rockslide, Commander Carl Nelson went ashore on nearby Mondo Island in the Hover Car with Lieutenant Commander Jiro Nomura and Lieutenant Susan Watson. After coming ashore, Nelson asked Susan to stay with the car while he and Nomura searched for the old native man who warned them they were trespassing on King Kong's domain. However, Susan was soon menaced by the huge carnivorous dinosaur Gorosaurus, only to be rescued by Kong himself. While Kong was locked in battle with Gorosaurus, Nelson and his comrades escaped in the Hover Car and tried to return to the Explorer, only to be attacked by a Giant Sea Serpent. After dispatching Gorosaurus, Kong followed the Hover Car into the sea and battled against the serpent, allowing the Hover Car to safely return to the Explorer.



The Hover Car is capable of movement via hovering over both land and sea.


The Hover Car is able to be dispatched as a landing vehicle from the Explorer.

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