Carl Nelson

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Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Soldier
First appearance King Kong Escapes
Played by Rhodes Reason

Commander Carl Nelson is a character in the 1967 King Kong film King Kong Escapes.


Showa Era

King Kong Escapes

Carl was a UN soldier who in 1967 was on board a ship nearing Mondo Island. Nelson had read many works on the island, and its rumored inhabitant King Kong. Nelson eventually decided to stop on the islands, and took his subordinates Susan Watson and Jiro Nomura with him. On the island, Carl and Nomura were warded off by a native of the island. They tried to investigate, but are stopped by Watson's screams. Carl and his Lieutenant came back down the mountain and discovered that while they were gone, Watson had been attacked by Gorosaurus and rescued by Kong, who had now grown attached to her. Nelson and Nomura eventually were able to escape with Ms. Watson when she made the ape put her down. Back on the ship, Nelson was summoned to the Arctic by his ex-colleague Dr. Who. Carl took the ship to him, but they were kidnapped by Hu, and held captive. Nelson then recieved favored treatment from his Lieutenants, often being invited out of their cell for various reasons. During a chess match with Who, Carl is informed that the temperature in their cell had been set to zero, and his friends would die if Carl did not help Hu control King Kong. Nelson was unable to reply, as at that time King Kong escaped from his subterranean cell, causing the base to collapse. Nelson and his crew were able to return to the ship, but they soon learned that Kong was headed to Tokyo, where he will have fought Hu's Mechani-Kong. When Nelson reached Tokyo, he told the advancing Japanese military that they should try to lure the battling Kongs away from the city. The military complies, and Mechani-Kong is defeated with no casualties. Nelson watched as King Kong swims away back to Mondo Island.


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