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Dr. Who
Dr. Who in King Kong Escapes
Subtitle(s) Mysterious Scientist
(謎の科学者,   Nazo no Kagakusha)KKE[1]
Species Human
Occupation Scientist, international terrorist
First appearance Latest appearance
The King Kong Show King Kong Escapes
Played by Hideyo AmamotoKKE
Paul Frees (KKE English dub)
It must be my old friend, that international Judas, Dr. Who.

Carl Nelson after hearing a description of King Kong's abductor from a Mondo Islander (King Kong Escapes)

Dr. Who (ドクター・フー,   Dokutā Fū) is a recurring villain in Rankin/Bass's The King Kong Show, as well as the human antagonist of the 1967 Toho film King Kong Escapes.

A mad scientific genius and international criminal, Dr. Who stole schematics his former colleague Carl Nelson had been developing for a robotic duplicate of King Kong. Using them, he constructed his ultimate creation: Mechani-Kong. Who intended to use the robot to mine the highly-radioactive Element X for the country of his financier Madame Piranha; however, the radiation caused Mechani-Kong to malfunction, forcing Who to kidnap the real Kong from Mondo Island to dig in its place. However, Kong was able to resist Who's mind control and escaped, prompting Who to pursue Kong to Tokyo and unleash Mechani-Kong to subdue him. Madame Piranha, having a change of heart after seeing how ruthless Dr. Who really was, turned on him and disabled Mechani-Kong's controls, causing the robot to plummet from the Tokyo Tower to the ground below, break into pieces and explode. Before Dr. Who could escape on his ship, Kong hunted him down and destroyed the ship, killing Who and all of his henchmen aboard.


The King Kong Show

Dr. Who built Mechani-Kong to defeat King Kong. He piloted Mechani-Kong from inside it. At first, Mechani-Kong gained the upper hand, but King Kong soon overpowered Mechani-Kong and headbutted it into the ocean, where it short-circuited. After that, Dr. Who's helicopters arrived and rescued both him and the robot before retreating.

King Kong Escapes

Dr. Who ran a nondescript criminal enterprise at the North Pole. After being approached by the mysterious benefactor Madame Piranha and hired to mine the powerful Element X for her country, Who constructed Mechani-Kong, a mechanical copy of the legendary giant ape King Kong, in order to mine the element. However, the powerful radiation given off by Element X caused Mechani-Kong to short circuit and break down. Who began to rebuild Mechani-Kong until he learned of the real Kong's discovery on Mondo Island, and decided to kidnap him instead and use him to mine Element X. When Kong was in custody, Who implemented hypnosis to control the gargantuan ape. For a short time all went as planned, but the rays emitted by Element X caused the control apparatuses to malfunction, and Kong to awaken. After this, Who captured his former colleague Carl Nelson and his team. After initial noncooperation, Who locked them in a cell in his base in the Arctic. Who began to torture his captives, but they were saved by King Kong's escape from captivity, which caused the base to collapse. Who spared no time in relocating to his boat. Who decided to chase King Kong, who had gone to Tokyo, with the repaired Mechani-Kong to either capture or destroy him. Controlling Mechani-Kong from his ship in Tokyo Bay, Who ordered the robot to kidnap Kong's human love interest, Susan Watson, and climb to the top of the Tokyo Tower with her. Who, speaking through Mechani-Kong, threatened to drop Susan if Kong did not return to Who's ship, but Kong followed his mechanical double up the tower. Mechani-Kong dropped Susan, but Kong caught her and set her down safely on a platform. Kong then battled Mechani-Kong atop the tower, threatening to cause it to collapse. On board Who's ship, Madame Piranha decided to turn against Who and destroy the remote controls for Mechani-Kong, causing the mecha to fall off the tower, then break into pieces and explode on the streets below. Who killed Piranha for her treachery by shooting her three times in the chest, then prepared to retreat. The next day, Kong found Who's ship before it could leave and destroyed it, killing Who and his minions.

Audio dramas

"Dr. Who"

Dr. Who peacefully approached Professor Bond and asked to borrow Kong for a short study, but was refused by the ape's caretaker Bobby. Who was naturally flustered at being rejected by a child, but the boy's father stood with his decision. Who then pulled a gun on them and called in his henchman Sigfried, and had him tie up the Bond family. Who asked Bobby at gunpoint for Kong's location, and laughed off the boy's insistence that without him present, Kong would not listen to him, but the doctor had brought tranquilizing gas for just such an eventuality. Who then used helicopters to air lift Kong onto his ship, and dreamed of ruling the world with Kong as his weapon. However, while aboard the ship, Bobby called to Kong which woke the beast who then began to destroy the vessel, and grab all of the fleeing crewmen. As Dr. Who escaped in his helicopter, Kong tried to stop him by throwing water at it, but failed, and the angry doctor flew away warning that he would return.



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