Bryson Allworth

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Bryson Allworth
Bryson Allworth in From a Great Height
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Adventurer (formerly)
Related to Unnamed wife
Unnamed child
First appearance Godzilla: Legends #5

Bryson Allworth is a protagonist in the fifth issue of IDW Publishing's 2011 comic miniseries, Godzilla: Legends.


Godzilla: Legends

Godzilla: Legends #5

After base jumping the highest waterfall in the world at age 14, spelunking the deepest cave at 17, and surviving an alligator attack in the jungle, Bryson Allowrth became renowned for his adventures, but he gave up his lifestyle when he became a father. Ten years into his family life, Bryson was contacted by his government to undergo a mission to climb Godzilla. He agreed, and was given a radiation suit to undergo the task. Bryson mounted Godzilla by jumping onto his tail from a jeep in rural Mongolia. Seven hours in to his climb, he had discovered a "weird new species of bird", and rain had begun to fall as Godzilla came upon a small village and destroyed it, much to Bryson's horror. A villager attempted to shoot Godzilla, but ended up wounding Bryson's shoulder and damaging his suit. Not letting this deter him from reaching his goal, by the twelfth hour of his climb Bryson was nearly at Godzilla's head, but then Kumonga attacked. Kumonga had set a quicksand pit, and quickly went to wrapping up its prey, with Bryson on its back. He avoided being caught in the web by sheltering behind one of Godzilla's dorsal plates. Bryson began to think that all was lost, but then the blue light of Godzilla's atomic ray began to shine in the wrappings, and Godzilla escaped. It quickly began to attack Kumonga, and even ripped off one of its legs and beat it with it. Kumonga then began to retreat, but Godzilla delivered the finishing blow with its tail. Fifteen hours into his ordeal, Bryson finished his climb. The radiation he was exposed to through the hole in his suit left him with cancer, but altered his outlook on Godzilla. He stopped believing that attacking Godzilla would defeat it, but rather understanding it. He attempted to share his point of view, but was cut short when his interviewer had to leave the studio to cover another Godzilla attack.



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