Ethan Holder

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Ethan Holder
Ethan Holder in Lifespan
Species Human
Nationality Japanese-American
Occupation Student
Related to Doctor Holder (Adoptive Father)
Adoptive Mother
First appearance Godzilla: Legends #2: Lifespan

Ethan Holder is the main protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2011 comic series Godzilla: Legends in its Rodan based Story, Lifespan. He was bullied for most of his life, and later felt a kinship with a baby Rodan before flying away with it on the back of its parent.


Godzilla: Legends


Ethan Holder was a Japanese-American who lived with his mother and father, who was a scientist at the Camp Schwab military/science base in Okinawa, where Ethan attended school. At school, Ethan was bullied by other American kids for not being from a military family, and by Japanese kids for not being from Japan, which often made him try to get out of school. When he voiced his concerns to his father, he was brushed off and took a back seat to his father's obsession with a Rodan egg at his laboratory. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, Ethan then encouraged his father to steal the egg, which was going to be destroyed. After successfully smuggling it out of the laboratory by cover of night, Ethan stayed home until after his parents had left in order to take the egg to school with the intention of luring Rodan to the school to kill his tormentors, a plan that ultimately succeeded. During Rodan's attack, its egg hatched, and the military opened fire. This prompted Ethan to call the military “bullies” and to mount Rodan and fly away.



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