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Doctor Holder
Doctor Holder in Lifespan
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Scientist
Related to Ethan Holder (Adopted Son)
Unnamed Wife
First appearance Godzilla: Legends #2: Lifespan

Doctor Holder is an antagonist in IDW Publishing's 2011 comic series Godzilla: Legends in it's Rodan based Story, Lifespan.


Godzilla: Legends


Doctor Holder was a scientist on Camp Schwab Military base in Okinawa when a soldier brought in a Rodan's egg. Holder immediately fell in love with the egg and all the advancements its study could bring, and he abandoned all other projects for the egg. Because of his low productivity on mandatory projects, the chief scientist had to inform Holder that the egg would be destroyed. After telling his son Ethan about the egg's planned destruction, he suggested that they steal the egg. After a successful theft, Holder was arrested on sight the next day, and was told that the egg had not been in his apartment when it was searched, and they feared that Ethan may have been involved. Holder was then taken into custody while the military fought off Rodan. After Rodan escaped, Holder was approached in his cell and told that Ethan had gone missing, and was given assurance that they would eliminate both Rodan and its child.



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