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Titanosaurus™ trademark icon
Titanosaurus in Terror of Mechagodzilla
Alternate names Chitanosaurus, Chitano-Saurus,[1] Titannosaurus,[2] Titano Kong[3]
Subtitle(s) Dinosaur Monster
(恐竜怪獣,   Kyōryū Kaijū)
New Monster (新怪獣,   Shin Kaijū)[4]
Amphibious Monster
(水陸両棲怪獣,   Surikuryōsei Kaijū)[5]
Primeval Dinosaur
(原始恐竜,   Genshi Kyōryū)G:TB
Species Aquatic dinosaur
Height 60 meters[6]
Weight 30,000 metric tons[6]
Underwater speed 200 kilometers per hour[7]
Place(s) of emergence Ogasawara seabed[8]
Controlled by Black Hole Planet 3 AliensToMG, DevoniansGRoE, United EarthG:PM
Allies Mechagodzilla 2, BattraG(IDW), GezoraGRoE, MandaGRoE, DestoroyahGRoE, GodzillaGRoE, King CaesarGRoE, KamacurasGRoE, RodanGRoE, AnguirusGRoE, KamoebasGRoE, GorosaurusGRoE, KumongaGRoE, VaranGRoE, BaragonGRoE, ZillaGRoE, SandaGRoE, GairaGRoE, Jet JaguarGRoE
Enemies Godzilla, KumongaGG&G, RodanG(IDW), SpaceGodzillaG(IDW), Trilopod, Magita, MothraGRMVT
Conceived of by Yukiko Takayama
Designed by Akihiko Iguchi
Modeled by Keizo Murase
Played by Tatsumi Nikamoto
First appearance Terror of Mechagodzilla
More roars
He claimed to have found a dinosaur living under the sea near the Bonin Islands. He claimed to control it. He even called it Titanosaurus. That cost him his career as a scientist.

— Professor Ota explains how Shinzo Mafune's discovery of Titanosaurus cost him his scientific career (Terror of Mechagodzilla)

Titanosaurus (チタノザウルス,   Chitanozaurusu) is a giant aquatic dinosaur kaiju who first appeared in the 1975 Toho Godzilla film Terror of Mechagodzilla.

Originally a peaceful, sea-dwelling dinosaur, Titanosaurus was discovered by Japanese marine biologist Shinzo Mafune, who was undertaking experiments involving controlling sea life. When Mafune claimed to his colleagues that he had discovered Titanosaurus and had complete control over him, he was laughed out of the scientific community and began a 15-year quest for vengeance upon the civilization that had mocked and shunned him. When approached by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens, Mafune offered Titanosaurus' services to them for their invasion of Earth, being promised a place in their new utopian world order along with his daughter. Titanosaurus was unleashed alongside the aliens' Mechagodzilla 2, and the two beasts began obliterating Tokyo before they were confronted by Godzilla. Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla's combination proved formidable, but the intervention of INTERPOL allowed Godzilla to destroy Mechagodzilla and easily defeat Titanosaurus in single combat after he was weakened by a sonic wave oscillator. Though he hasn't been featured in any films since his debut, Titanosaurus has appeared in some licensed video games and comic books based on the Godzilla franchise.


Titanosaurus' name comes from the word "Titan," referring to a member of the first divine pantheon in Greek mythology, and "-saurus," a common suffix for reptiles, derived from the Greek word for lizard, "sauros". While "Titan" is usually transliterated to Japanese as Taitan (タイタン), the "Titano-" portion of Titanosaurus' name is pronounced Chitano (チタノ), similar to the Japanese name for the element titanium (チタン,   chitan).

Titanosaurus also coincidentally shares a name with a dubious genus of sauropod dinosaur, though he bears little resemblance to actual titanosaurs.


Titanosaurus concept art by Akihiko Iguchi

In Terror of Mechagodzilla screenwriter Yukiko Takayama's original scenario, the role of Titanosaurus was filled by two dinosaurs called Titans, who became violent only when their necks were entangled.[9] The Titans were of the same species, one male and the other female.[10] Eventually, the Titans would fuse together into a creature simply called "Titan." Titan was referred to primarily as a female creature.[11]

Titanosaurus was designed by Akihiko Iguchi[12] and modeled under Keizo Murase. A suit, a puppet of Titanosaurus' head and neck to scale with the suit,[8][12] a model of his tail with the ability to open and close its fan,[8] and swimming puppets with the mouth and tail fan open and closed were created.[13] Tatsumi Nikamoto was chosen as Titanosaurus' suit actor on the basis that he had previously worked with Godzilla's suit actor Toru Kawai on Ultraman Leo.[14] The neck of the suit was incredibly long, causing the head to bob back and forth repeatedly and creating intense vibration that made Nikamoto's performance difficult.[14] Special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano, operating under the theory that dinosaurs were colorful, had Titanosaurus given flashy colors and differently-colored warts on his body.


Titanosaurus is a deep-sea dwelling creature who sports a fin on his tail and along his back up to the top of his head. He also has a pair of smaller fins on the sides of his head. Titanosaurus' neck is very long, and he has two antennae protruding from the top of his head. Titanosaurus's skin is bright red with black and yellow flecks, and he has a beige underbelly, most likely for countershading purposes. Titanosaurus's eyes are relatively large and are bright yellow-orange in color. The monster also has a forked tongue.


Titanosaurus is said to have been "a very quiet, friendly dinosaur" by screenwriter Yukiko Takayama.[9] The monster is shown to have a gentle disposition, retreating from his first battle against Godzilla as soon as he was free of the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens' and Dr. Shinzo Mafune's control. Under their influence, however, he fights as fiercely as any kaiju, and displayed a knack for coordinating attacks with Mechagodzilla.

The instruction manual for the game Godzilla: Unleashed describes Titanosaurus as not being "specifically evil," though it states that humanity's disturbances of him have resulted in him becoming aggressive. In this game he acts in line with the other members of the Mutant faction, seeking to secure additional power for himself by harnessing the energy of SpaceGodzilla's crystals.

In the main continuity of IDW's Godzilla comics, Titanosaurus is shown to be aggressive toward other kaiju, as he battles Rodan on his own volition. However, he is naturally a defender of the Earth, as he teams up with Battra to fight SpaceGodzilla and later helps Godzilla and the other Earth monsters battle the Trilopods. He briefly fights under the command of the Devonian aliens in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, attacking ships and fighting against Godzilla along with the aliens' other controlled monsters.


Titanosaurus was a gigantic, docile sea-dwelling dinosaur. He was discovered by Dr. Shinzo Mafune in 1960 while Mafune was researching ways to control sea animals. Mafune set his sights on controlling Titanosaurus, but this caused him to be laughed out of the scientific community. Mafune persisted in working on his Titanosaurus controller for many years with the help of his daughter Katsura, eventually completing it in 1975 with the help of the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens. Under the influence of this device, the once-peaceful Titanosaurus became a violent, rampaging monster. A diagram of Titanosaurus in Terror of Mechagodzilla depicts the control device, which has a number of antennae, being located in the monster's head beneath his own antennae, possibly suggesting that his are artificial. Godzilla Movie Studio Tour reiterates that the device was implanted in his head, specifically in his brain.

In Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Titanosaurus is depicted on an ancient mural found on Infant Island, indicating that he is part of the planet's natural order. He is classified among the "water" monsters in this mural.


Showa era

Terror of Mechagodzilla

Titanosaurus battling Godzilla in Terror of Mechagodzilla

Esteemed marine biologist Shinzo Mafune had begun studying the brain patterns of marine life in an attempt to gain control over sea creatures and establish vast undersea ranches, when he discovered Titanosaurus living under the sea. Mafune began developing a means of controlling Titanosaurus, but when he reported this to his academic peers, he was mocked and cast out of the scientific community. Quickly descending into madness, Mafune retreated into seclusion with his daughter Katsura at his home in Manazuru, where he began work on a plan to use Titanosaurus to take revenge on the society which had shunned him. Fifteen years after his dismissal from the oceanographic institute, Mafune was approached by Tsuda, a representative of the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens. With their assistance, Mafune was able to complete the device that gave him complete mental control over Titanosaurus, and unleashed the monster to destroy the Akatsuki, a submarine attempting to recover the remains of Mechagodzilla. The normally peaceful Titanosaurus became a frightening, intense monster, and crushed the Akatsuki with his bare hands.

With Mafune's plan to control Titanosaurus a success, the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens brought him to their base near Mount Amagi, where they were busy rebuilding Mechagodzilla. The aliens' commander, Mugal, promised Mafune and his daughter a place in their new utopian civilization on Earth if he would lend his scientific expertise, as well as the use of Titanosaurus, to their cause. When INTERPOL dispatched a second Akatsuki to search for Titanosaurus, Katsura sent the dinosaur to destroy it, only for the sub's sonar to interfere with the device controlling Titanosaurus and cause him to writhe in pain. Mafune meanwhile helped the aliens repair and perfect Mechagodzilla, but became frustrated while waiting for their word to begin their assault on Tokyo. Mafune took matters into his own hands and unleashed Titanosaurus into the city while Katsura left to sabotage a sonic wave oscillator INTERPOL was constructing to use against Titanosaurus. Godzilla arrived to fight Titanosaurus, who fled back to the sea after Katsura was shot and Mafune deactivated his control device. The aliens' surgeons were able to revive Katsura and installed Mechagodzilla's control device inside of her, all while Mugal warned Mafune to never act against his orders again. Mafune agreed, and the aliens moved their base of operations to his lab in Manazuru.

Finally, Titanosaurus and the newly-completed Mechagodzilla 2 were unleashed in Tokyo, savagely annihilating the city. As Mechagodzilla bombarded the city streets with his vast array of weaponry, Titanosaurus swept away the ruined buildings by generating gusts of wind with his tail fin. Godzilla arrived once again to fight off the aliens' monsters, but found himself outmatched by the duo. Titanosaurus grappled with Godzilla up close, while Mechagodzilla blasted Godzilla with lasers and missiles. Finally, the onslaught was too much and Godzilla was knocked unconscious. Titanosaurus kicked Godzilla into a ditch, and Mechagodzilla used its missiles to bury him alive under the Earth. Titanosaurus began stomping on Godzilla's earthen grave, while INTERPOL mounted their completed sonic wave oscillator onto a helicopter. The chopper flew overhead and began bombarding Titanosaurus with supersonic waves, placing the creature in agonizing pain. Mechagodzilla prepared to shoot down the helicopter, but Godzilla emerged from the ground and blasted the machine with his atomic breath. With Titanosaurus incapacitated by the sonic wave oscillator, Godzilla fought and destroyed Mechagodzilla for good. Meanwhile, INTERPOL assaulted Mafune's lab, killing Mafune and forcing the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens to flee. Katsura had killed herself to disable Mechagodzilla, leaving no one to control Titanosaurus any longer. Unaware that Titanosaurus was no longer under the aliens' control, Godzilla blasted him repeatedly with his atomic breath, causing Titanosaurus to fall off a cliff into the water below, his fate unknown.

Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

Titanosaurus was one of countless monsters that threatened humanity during the 20th century. In the year 20XX, a Canadian child was playing with numerous toys of monsters, including one of Titanosaurus, before he noticed a news report showing Anguirus attacking Shanghai on TV.


Tail fan

Titanosaurus decimates Tokyo with a whirlwind in Terror of Mechagodzilla

Titanosaurus can generate gale-force winds (or a whirlpool, if underwater) by swinging his tail fan. These winds can reach speeds of up to 320 meters per second.[7] These winds were strong enough to blow away buildings and vehicles and even knocked Godzilla off his feet.


Titanosaurus leaps into the air and swats two fighter jets

Despite his weight, Titanosaurus is capable of jumping to impressive heights. He used this ability to leap into the path of two fighter jets, causing them to fly into him and explode on impact.


A primarily aquatic creature, Titanosaurus can breathe underwater and swim very efficiently at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour[7] in addition to walking on land.

Physical strength

Titanosaurus lifting Godzilla with his jaw in Terror of Mechagodzilla

Titanosaurus possesses enormous physical strength, and proved to be more than a match for Godzilla in close combat, pummeling him with punches and kicks, sending him flying with a kick, and was even able to lift the 20,000-ton kaiju clear off the ground using only the grip of his jaw.

Sonic waves

In Godzilla: Unleashed, Titanosaurus can expel a sonic wave from his mouth that damages other monsters. This ability is somewhat ironic given that sonic waves were Titanosaurus' greatest weakness in his film appearance.


In the Godzilla, King of the Monsters Game Boy game, Titanosaurus is able to spit fireballs.


Titanosaurus is repeatedly shot with the sonar device, hurting him

Supersonic waves interfere with the control mechanism Dr. Mafune fitted onto Titanosaurus' head, and cause him tremendous pain. The sonar on the Akatsuki II and INTERPOL's sonic wave oscillator were sufficient to render Titanosaurus completely incapacitated.

Video games

Titanosaurus was cut from Godzilla: Save the Earth due to a "licensing issue," with Megaguirus taking his place in the roster.[15] He can still be seen in the concept art, wading in the water of an icy level. Titanosaurus appears as a playable character in Godzilla: Unleashed, as a member of the Mutant faction.

Godzilla: Unleashed

Titanosaurus in Godzilla: Unleashed

Height: 115 meters[16]
Weight: 61,000 tons[16]

"Titanosaurus is a prehistoric throwback-a primitive monster from an ancient age who has managed somehow to persist in contemporary times. Titanosaurus lives deep in the ocean, hibernating for hundreds of years in a stretch. In recent years, humans have disturbed Titanosaurus, increasingly incurring his wrath. Though not specifically evil, Titanosaurus holds no allegiance to any particular ideology, and would not hesitate to secure additional power for himself should the opportunity arise. This frequently places himself in opposition to Earth Defenders and the Global Defense Force. Titanosaurus employs his towering height, powerful tail, and sonic waves to intimidate or subjugate any beings who dare to disrupt his ancient lifecycle."

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Titanosaurus.


GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla

Titanosaurus was a sea monster discovered in the Pacific Ocean. Two individuals of the species were captured and controlled by the United Earth as part of "Operation: LTF," a research project based in the Ogasawara Islands aiming to make monsters fight against each other. Titanosaurus was deployed against Godzilla in the 2040s as part of this operation.[17]


Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths

Titanosaurus was one of the many kaiju living on Monster Island. On the island, the Elias served to maintain peace between the monsters and larger cosmic forces at work - which occasionally involved breaking up kaiju battles, such as one between Titanosaurus and Kumonga, with the assistance of Mothra. Following the kidnapping of the Elias, the cosmic balance fell into disarray, which caused the monsters, including Titanosaurus, to leave Monster Island and converge on Japan. Soon, all the kaiju closed in on Tokyo, wreaking great havoc and facing off against each other and G-Force. After Detective Makoto Sato returned the Elias to Mothra, the kaiju stopped fighting and returned to their island in peace.

Godzilla: Legends

Titanosaurus in Godzilla: Legends #3

At an academy for psychic students run by Miki Saegusa and the mysterious Mugal, the young psychic named Tristan quickly excelled above his peers, leading Mugal to begin the next phase of his training - seeing if the boy could psychically connect with a kaiju. During the experiment, Tristan successfully connected to the mind of Titanosaurus, though Miki interrupted the experiment upon hearing Tristan cry out in pain. After later suffering a nightmare involving his parents, Tristan inadvertently awoke Titanosaurus and drew the monster to civilization, causing great destruction. Titanosaurus soon arrived at Tristan's home, but just as the boy realized he had accidentally summoned the kaiju with his powers, Tristan was attacked by the Simians under the directions of Mugal, their leader. Titanosaurus roared out in anger upon seeing Tristan attacked, but was captured by one of the aliens' ships before he could react and was teleported away. Tristan and Titanosaurus were ultimately taken to the aliens' homeworld, where Mugal intended on manipulating the bond between them in order to gain control over Titanosaurus and force him to aid their armada and Mechagodzillas in a coming invasion of Earth.


Titanosaurus in Godzilla

Titanosaurus first appeared in Tokyo, drawing the attention of both Boxer and his Monster Kill Crew as well as Rodan. Boxer and Claire Plangman utilized the Headache Beam on the two monsters in the hopes that it would goad them into fighting, tiring them out enough for the Monster Kill Crew to incapacitate and capture them both. Though Titanosaurus appeared to be immune to the beam's effects, the beam nevertheless knocked Rodan into Titanosaurus, sparking a fight. Titanosaurus attempted to use his tail fan to knock a building into his opponent, but Rodan used his wings to send it back at Titanosaurus. Rodan then slammed the aquatic dinosaur against a giant building and began biting his neck until the Monster Kill Crew dropped powerful explosives on the monsters, which destroyed the building and knocked Titanosaurus out beneath the rubble - though Rodan managed to escape. The military later collected the unconscious Titanosaurus and transported him to Hunt Atoll, also known as Monster Island, where the rest of kaiju that the Monster Kill Crew took down - Anguirus, Kumonga, and Battra - were being contained. There, world powers intended on finding ways to control and weaponize the captive kaiju. Before their plans could come to fruition, however, the monsters became increasingly agitated over something, and while officials could not determine the reason behind this change of behavior, the cause was revealed soon enough - an invasion of space monsters, including SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, and Monster X. Attempting to right his wrongs, Boxer infiltrated Monster Island with the aid of Asuka Hikari and disabled the force fields to free Titanosaurus and the other monsters so they could defend their planet. Titanosaurus and Battra journeyed to London to confront SpaceGodzilla. Though Titanosaurus was able to knock SpaceGodzilla back with his tail and knock buildings into the space invader, SpaceGodzilla eventually slammed Battra into Titanosaurus while firing his beams, electrocuting the duo and allowing SpaceGodzilla to escape.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Titanosaurus was classified as a "water" monster in a cave mural on Infant Island.

While hosting the Megazoology Conference in Honolulu some time after the space invasion, Dr. Kenji Ando revealed that Titanosaurus had returned to the ocean following his defeat by SpaceGodzilla. Sometime after that, Titanosaurus had fallen under the control of the Devonian aliens, who dispatched him to attack a fleet of aircraft carriers alongside fellow aquatic monsters Gezora and Manda. While Titanosaurus attacked one of the carriers, Godzilla, fresh off of his victory against Biollante nearby, attacked the trio. After being struck by a direct hit from Godzilla's atomic ray, Titanosaurus retreated alongside Manda and Gezora. Later, the trio of Devonian-controlled monsters were sent to protect the Devonian capital against Godzilla, now aided further by the Devonian creation Destoroyah. As Godzilla fought Manda and Destoroyah, Titanosaurus punched him in the face, though Godzilla bit Titanosaurus' neck and threw him into Destoroyah. The military then intervened and sent the three aquatic monsters retreating further underwater with a blast from their new sonar guns, but not before Godzilla was able to grab onto Titanosaurus' ankle to follow them to the Devonian capital. Upon reaching the ocean floor, Godzilla slammed Titanosaurus against the ground and used Manda to hit him before stomping on his neck and forcing them into the Devonian base itself. Titanosaurus retailed by punching Godzilla several times, but Godzilla eventually caught his hand and broke his arm, forcing Titanosaurus into retreat shortly before warheads destroyed the Devonian capital.

Years later, Titanosaurus was captured by the Trilopods, with one of them copying his characteristics before he was imprisoned within the Trilopod hive. When King Caesar also arrived in the hive, Titanosaurus was among the rest of the Earth monsters set free. Titanosaurus and the other monsters then joined with Godzilla to battle the Trilopods in Los Angeles. Titanosaurus briefly battled his Trilopod clone before Zilla stepped in and mauled it. He later took part in the battle against Magita, but did little but annoy the massive Trilopod. After the defeat of Magita, Titanosaurus and the other monsters followed Godzilla back to the ocean.

Godzilla: Rage Across Time

During the Cretaceous Period, Titanosaurus battled Manda underwater.

Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Titanosaurus

After a Mothra egg washed ashore in California, Dr. Andreas Luna took the opportunity to test an experimental device meant to detect the magnetic fields given off by kaiju, which he theorized the kaiju emitted in order to avoid encroaching upon each other's territories. As Dr. Luna began sensing the field given off by the egg through his headset, he suddenly detected a second field closing in on their location - one being given off by Titanosaurus, who wished to destroy the egg that had washed into his territory. Coming ashore in San Diego, Titanosaurus shrugged off nearby naval fire and journeyed inland towards the egg, wreaking havoc as he rampaged. In efforts to save the egg from Titanosaurus's wrath, Dr. Luna and Dr. Ruobin Carpenter sought the aid of nearby citizens to help push the egg back into the ocean where fishing vessels would tow it away from Titanosaurus. However, Titanosaurus still detected the egg's magnetic field and changed course to follow it out into the ocean. After the military aided them by having helicopters lift the egg into an aircraft carrier, Dr. Luna used the headset to report that Titanosaurus was still in pursuit - and that the egg was hatching. Despite their best efforts to outrun Titanosaurus, the aquatic dinosaur caught up to the vessel just as Dr. Luna detected a third magnetic field - the adult Mothra. Before Titanosaurus could reach the egg, Mothra swooped in and defended her offspring, biting Titanosaurus on the snout and pushing him back down into the water. Titanosaurus retaliated with his fan tail, but after Mothra hit him in the neck with her antennae beams, he finally decided not to pursue the egg any further and retreated back into the ocean without further incident.


Main article: Titanosaurus/Gallery.


Titanosaurus's roars are modified from the roars of Brocken, a kaiju from the sixth episode of Ultraman Ace. Brocken's roars themselves were modified from elephant trumpeting. According to special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano, the roars of Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla were created "with a mixture of sounds from music instruments and electronic sounds," including violins.[18] In Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash, Titanosaurus erroneously utilizes the roar of Hedorah's Landing Stage, while his actual roars are used by Manda.

Titanosaurus's Roars

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Germany.png German Titanosaurier Adapted from English name, German -saurier in place of -saurus
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew טיטאנוזאורוס Titanozaurus Transcription of English name
Flagicon Italy.png Italian Titano Kong (Italian theatrical release of Terror of Mechagodzilla[3]) Titano (titan) and Kong from King Kong, who was commonly included in marketing for Godzilla films in Italy
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Титанозавр Titanozavr Adapted from English name, Russian -zavr in place of -saurus
Flagicon Serbia.png Serbian Титаносаурус Titanosaurus Transcription of English name
Flagicon Spain.png Spanish Titanosaurio Adapted from English name, Spanish -saurio in place of -saurus


  • Screenwriter Yukiko Takayama deliberately had characters refer to Titanosaurus as a dinosaur instead of a kaiju to emphasize that the acts of destruction he committed were not in his nature, but a result of Mafune's control.[9]
  • Titanosaurus' roars were reused for the Crocomire and Phantoon bosses of the Metroid series.
  • Titanosaurus is the last kaiju to be defeated by Godzilla in the Showa series.
  • The 2018 novel Operation Red Dragon: The Daikaiju Wars Part One features an antagonist monster named Barracudasaurus who is a direct homage to Titanosaurus.
  • Titanosaurus influenced the design of Godzilla Aquatilis in Godzilla Singular Point, who possesses red skin with orange facial fins, deep red eyes with vertical slit pupils, a tan underbelly, and a tail fan.
  • Titanosaurus' entry in Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash's Monster Manifest erroneously states that Titanosaurus first appeared in The Mysterians.
  • The design of Mammoth Nezura from Nezura 1964 was partially based on a combination of both Jiger and Titanosaurus.[19]
  • In Jurassic World: The Game, there is a hybrid of Segnosaurus and Postosuchus named Segnosuchus. In the description of the third stage of its evolution it is said that Segnosuchus looks a lot like the fictional Titanosaurus and "this similarity is a coincidence of genetics". Unlike Titanosaurus, the hybrid is blue-violet. It also has a horizontal tail fin and membranes on the outside of its forelimbs.[20]


Wikizilla: YouTube Kaiju Profile: Titanosaurus


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