Teruyoshi Nakano

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Teruyoshi Nakano
Teruyoshi Nakano
Born October 9, 1935
Andong, Andong, Manchukuo[1]
Died June 27, 2022 (aged 86)[2]
First work Night School (1956)
Notable work The Return of Godzilla (1984)
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Japan was the first country to suffer damage from an atomic bomb. We have to deal with the monster in a special way when the Japanese make a Godzilla movie, so we don't forget the bomb.

— Teruyoshi Nakano (The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga)

Teruyoshi Nakano (中野 昭慶 (てるよし),   Nakano Teruyoshi), also nicknamed Shokei Nakano (中野 昭慶 (しょうけい),   Nakano Shōkei) and miscredited in English as Akiyoshi Nakano, was a Japanese special effects director. Working as Eiji Tsuburaya's first assistant director since Attack Squadron (1963), he made his directorial debut on Crazy Big Explosion (1969).[a] The same year, Nakano was given his first directorial assignment of the Godzilla series, creating most of the effects for All Monsters Attack (1969) uncredited on Ishiro Honda's behalf.[4] Following Tsuburaya's death in 1970 and the departure of Tsuburaya's first replacement Sadamasa Arikawa, Nakano officially took up special effects duties on the Godzilla series with Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971), and continued until The Return of Godzilla (1984).

Other notable credits in Nakano's career include four Toho disaster movies from 1973 to 1980, the space opera The War in Space (1977), and the Godzilla-inspired North Korean kaiju film Pulgasari (1985). Nakano retired at the age of 52 after directing the effects for Princess from the Moon (1987), and subsequently worked on numerous projects related to theme parks and exhibitions.[5] He continued to be a prominent and active figure in the Godzilla franchise, however, performing interviews about his work on the series and making public appearances at events like G-Fest.

Nakano's memoir, Special Effects Director: Teruyoshi Nakano, was published by Wides in 2007. He passed away at age 86 on June 27, 2022, due to sepsis.[2]

Selected filmography

Assistant director

Assistant director of special effects

First assistant director of special effects

Director of special effects






SciFi Japan TV episode 6,
"1970's Godzilla FX Director - PART I"
SciFi Japan TV episode 7,
"1970's Godzilla FX Director - PART II"
SciFi Japan TV episode 36,
"The Return of Godzilla 30th"
Nakano talks about Toho's
soundstage No. 8 in 2015


  • Nakano is one of only two Godzilla special effects directors to have never worked on an Ultra Series production. The other is Eiichi Asada.

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