Keizo Suzuki

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Keizo Suzuki
Keizo Suzuki in 2023
Occupation Cinematographer
First work Ultraman Zearth 2 (1997)
Notable work Shin Ultraman (2022)

Keizo Suzuki (鈴木 啓造,   Suzuki Keizō) is a Japanese director of photography who works frequently in tokusatsu films. An affiliate of Katsuro Onoue and Hiroshi Butsuda's Tokusatsu Lab,[1] he and co-cinematographer Osamu Ichikawa were honored with a Japanese Academy Award for Best Cinematography for their work on Shinji Higuchi's Shin Ultraman (2022).[2] Suzuki has also worked on both of the other live-action Shin films—Shin Godzilla (2016) and Shin Kamen Rider (2023)—as well as various other special effects-heavy projects from Toho, Tsuburaya, Toei, and more.

Selected filmography

Assistant cinematographer

Assistant special effects cinematographer


Special effects cinematographer



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