Satoshi Nakamura

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Satoshi Nakamura
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Born 1963
Tokyo, Japan[1]
Occupation Writer, president and CEO of Cast
Not to be confused with Satoshi "Tetsu" Nakamura.

Satoshi Nakamura (中村 哲,   Nakamura Satoshi) is a Japanese writer specializing in tokusatsu. In November of 1981, he became the second chairman of the Japan SFX Fanclub, but was succeeded in 1984.[2] Nakamura is currently the president and CEO of Cast,[3] a company which produces tokusatsu-themed merchandise and organizes events related to the genre. He has contributed writing to numerous kaiju and tokusatsu publications over the course of his career, continuing to this day with books such as those in Hobby Japan's Completion series.

Selected filmography

  • Go! Godman (2008) - Behind-the-scenes [with Masato Takeno]

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