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Junkichi "Jun" Oki
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Born September 23, 1940
Died December 13, 1996 (aged 56)
Occupation Director of special effects,
director, television producer
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Junkichi Oki (大木 淳吉,   Ōki Junkichi), shortened to Jun Oki (大木 淳,   Ōki Jun) for most of his professional life, was a Japanese special effects director, drama director, and TV producer who worked frequently with Tsuburaya Productions over a career that spanned three decades. He (co-)directed effects for two of the company's collaborations with Toho: the 1966 series Monster Booska and the 1972 film Daigoro vs. Goliath. Oki passed away on December 13, 1996 at age 56 due to lung cancer.

Selected filmography

Note: Credited on all productions as "Jun Oki" unless otherwise noted.

Director of special effects



  • Ultra Q (TV 1966) - Assistant director of special effects [unknown number of episodes; uncredited]
  • Ultraman (TV 1966-1967) - First assistant director of special effects [episodes 18-19, 21-22, 25-39, 31-32, 35-36, 39][a]
  • Ultraseven (TV 1967-1968) - Assistant director of special effects [unknown number of episodes; uncredited]
  • Born Free (TV 1976) - Associate producer [with Toru Komori]
  • Aizenborg (TV 1977-1978) - Producer [with Takao Niimi/Hiroshi Ishikawa, Tadashi Matsushima, Akira Tsuburaya][b]
  • Koseidon (TV 1978-1979) - Producer [with Akira Tsuburaya]
  • The Men Who Made Ultraman: A Moon Boat in the Forest of Stars (1989) - SFX supervisor [as Junkichi Oki]
  • Ultraman Tiga (TV 1996-1997) - Kodai producer [episodes 37-40; posthumous; as Junkichi Oki; with Michiaki Suzuki, Noriko Shishikura]


  1. Episodes 26-29 with Masataka Yamamoto.
  2. Takao Niimi was producer from episodes 1-20, and replaced by Hiroshi Ishikawa thereafter.


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