Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Jordan Vogt-Roberts at the Kong: Skull Island premiere
Born September 22, 1984
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Occupation Director
First work The Kings of Summer (2013)
Notable work Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is an American film and television director and screenwriter, known for directing the 2013 independent film The Kings of Summer and Legendary Pictures' Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island production notes

JORDAN VOGT-ROBERTS (Director) is an American film and television director hailing from the ashes of Detroit.

Vogt-Roberts began his feature career with the film, “The Kings of Summer,” which he directed. The film premiered in competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim.

The very next year in 2014, Vogt-Roberts was back at Sundance as a producer and director for the world premiere of Nick Offerman’s Netflix concert film “Nick Offerman: American Ham.”

Prior to the success of “The Kings of Summer,” Vogt-Roberts directed the short film “Successful Alcoholics,” starring Lizzy Caplan, Nick Kroll and Tony Hale. The film debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and subsequently screened at more than 30 festivals worldwide, including South by Southwest and AFI.

On the television and web side, Vogt-Roberts created and directed the incredibly visual-minded Comedy Central television series “Mash Up” in 2011. He also directed Stephen Falk’s pilot “You’re the Worst,” which is now a hit original series on FX Networks entering its fourth season.

Vogt-Roberts also creates web and commercial content for Ridley Scott’s RSA productions where he has also directed award-winning projects that have reached millions of viewers. This includes a recent campaign for Audi starring Claire Danes and a PSA with Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing cars in his M47 Patton tank, which got over 10 million views in one day and raised over $1 million for charity. Vogt-Roberts’ early work in web content with comedians like Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Hannibal Buress and Pete Holmes helped lay the groundwork for current online content creation and distribution models.

He is currently attached to direct the video game adaption “Metal Gear Solid” and uses his free time to help with a non-profit called the Detroit Creativity Project that offers improv free of charge in Detroit public schools.

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Vogt-Roberts takes questions from fans following a 70mm screening of Kong: Skull Island at the Music Box Theater in Chicago
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