Marcel Delgado

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Marcel Delgado
Marcel Delgado
Born January 16, 1901
La Laguna, Mexico
Died November 26, 1976
Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation Sculptor, modeler
First work The Lost World (1925)
Notable work King Kong (1933)

Marcel Delgado was a Mexican-American sculptor and modeller. He is most well known for his collaborations with Willis O'Brien, with the main 2 films he's most well known for are the The Lost World and King Kong. Despite these important landmark films for both his career and cinema at large, he has fallen through the cracks of history and is largely unknown. What is known that after the success of Mighty Joe Young in 1949, he had worked on various Disney projects including 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas, Mary Poppins and even light work on the Jungle Cruise ride[1]. He apparently retired in 1965, and had died on November 26, 1976 from an unknown accident[2].

Early life

Delgado was born on January 16, 1901 in Mexico. Most sources cite his birthplace in the town of La Parrita in the state of Coahulia[3] [2]. This area is within the Comaraca Lagunera, and notorious for violence during the Mexican Revolution, which prompted Delgado and his family to flee to Saticoy, California in 1910, at either age 8 or 9. Prior to this, he had been dreaming of making sculptures, specifically making toys out of river clay. And while it is known that the family became farm laborers in the States, generally his time prior to him turning 19 is a mystery. What we do know is Delgado dropped out of school due to his father passing away, becoming head of the family, as well as not knowing how to speak English until the age of 17 as he had felt there was no reason to.

Selected filmography


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