Dragon (Son of Kong)

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Dragon in Son of Kong
Species Reptile
Enemies Kiko
Played by Stop-motion
First appearance Son of Kong

Dragon[1][2] is a fictional quadrupedal reptile that first appeared in the 1933 monster film, Son of Kong. It is a minor character that appears briefly to fight Kiko.


Dragon has a long neck and tail, rough bumpy skin, four, short, muscular legs, and pupil-less eyes. The monster resembles the Brontosaurus from the original King Kong.


Son of Kong

After Kiko, Carl Denham, and Hilda Petersen opened a sealed temple on Skull Island, the predatory Dragon followed them in, possibly tempted by the smell of food, and attacked Kiko. The two creatures grappled, with the dragon using its tail to try to choke the infant Kong, until Kiko snapped its jaw and a barrage of rocks came down on the monster, killing it.


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