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MI-6 2
MI-6 2 in Negadon: The Monster from Mars
Alternate names MI-6 Prototype Model 2
Subtitle(s) All-Purpose Humanoid Walking Machine
Ningengata Hanyō Hokō Jūki
Height 50 meters[citation needed]
Weight 20,000 metric tons[citation needed]
Place(s) of emergence Narasaki Walking Machine Laboratory
Controlled by Dr. Ryuichi Narasaki
Enemies Negadon
Conceived of by Jun Awazu
First appearance Negadon: The Monster from Mars

MI-6 2 (MI-6 (ミロク)二号機,   Miroku Nigōki) is a giant robot which appears in the 2005 animated kaiju film Negadon: The Monster from Mars. The second of its kind, the mech was preceded by MI-6, which was destroyed in an accident that killed the daughter of its inventor, Dr. Ryuichi Narasaki. Narasaki piloted MI-6 2 into battle when the Martian monster Negadon broke free of its transport ship and began laying waste to Tokyo.


Miroku (ミロク), the pronunciation of "MI-6," is homophonous with the Japanese name for Maitreya (弥勒,   Miroku), the Buddha prophesied to appear on Earth when the teachings of the original Buddha, Shakyamuni, have been forgotten. Upon seeing MI-6 2, the character Seiji Yoshizawa refers to it as MI-6 Prototype Model 2 (MI-6 (ミロク)二号試作機,   Miroku Nigō Shisakuki).


MI-6 2 is a humanoid robot with metallic blue armoring. It has a dome-shaped head with illuminated blue eyes and two additional blue lights on both sides of its head. Its chest is emblazoned with the text "MI-6 2" and the kanji 試 (shi; "experiment[al]") just above it. It is also stamped with the initials "NWML" at the bottom of its torso, standing for "Narasaki Walking Machine Laboratory." At the end of MI-6 2's left hand is a large claw, while its right hand houses a drill apparatus. It has two massive rockets attached to its back for flight.


Heisei era

Negadon: The Monster from Mars

Ten years ago, while being worked on by the roboticist Dr. Ryuichi Narasaki, the walking machine MI-6 experienced a system malfunction which caused a massive tube attached to it to burst through a glass viewing window in the laboratory, killing Narasaki's daughter Emi and blinding the doctor in one eye.

In the present day of 2025, a cocoon-like structure was discovered in a temple on Mars during an operation to terraform the planet. As the transport ship Izanami was carrying the cocoon to Earth, it suddenly spiked in temperature and destroyed the ship, causing it to fall to Earth's surface and hatch as the monster Negadon. As Negadon began to level Tokyo, Narasaki returned to his laboratory and activated the rebuilt MI-6 2 in order to face the creature. Upon touching down in the city, Narasaki deflected one of Negadon's laser beam with a drill on MI-6 2's arm. As Negadon prepared another blast, MI-6 2 leapt into the air and landed on Negadon, prompting it to teleport behind the mech. MI-6 2 was blasted by a retaliating blast from Negadon, but anchored itself to the ground and snatched the monster from afar with its Rocket Hand. Narasaki then activated the machine's jets and towed the monster into outer space, where it drilled clean through Negadon's body with its arm, causing it to erupt into an explosion which destroyed them both.


Ramjet Rockets

MI-6 2 carries two Ramjet Rockets (ラムジェットロケット,   Ramujetto Roketto) on its back which allow it to fly at speeds of up to Mach 23. The mech is even capable of travel in outer space, and could reposition the rockets to propel itself forward.

Superalloy Drill

MI-6 2 returning Negadon's beam with its drill

MI-6 2 is equipped with an Ultra-Hard Superalloy Drill (超硬質超合金ドリル,   Chōkōshitsu Chōgōkin Doriru) composed of a "hypercoated" high-density tungsten carbide which is 30 times stronger than diamond. This drill was shown to be capable of resisting one of Negadon's beams and firing it back at the creature. It was also what ultimately killed Negadon, drilling straight through its body.

MI-6 2 launches its Rocket Hand

Rocket Hand

MI-6 2 has a launchable Rocket Hand (ロケットハンド,   Roketto Hando): the combination of a High-Power Hand (ハイパワーハンド,   Haipawā Hando) and two Superalloy Blades (超合金ブレード,   Chōgōkin Burēdo) powered by a High-Efficiency Miniature Rocket Motor (高性能小型ロケットモーター Kōseinō Kogata Roketto Mōtā). It was used to grab Negadon and tow it to space.


MI-6 2 was susceptible to laser blasts from Negadon, with one nearly knocking the machine over and wounding its pilot Narasaki. It was ultimately destroyed by the self-destruction of Negadon, though its drill remained intact.


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  • An MI-6 previously appeared in another of director Jun Kawazu's films, Magara: The Final Showdown.


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