Magma Jackal

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Magma Jackal
A Magma Jackal in Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers
Canis Vulcan
Species Canine magmafauna
Height 2-6 feet
Place(s) of emergence Siren Isles
Controlled by Titan Chasers, Cernunnos
Relations Magma Turtle, Rodan
(potential relatives)
Enemies Cernunnos, Titan Chasers
First appearance Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers
Many newly discovered superspecies call the Sirens their home. I can't wait to observe a Magma Jackal up close!

Mei, just before the player unlocks the Magma Jackal (Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers)

The Magma Jackal is a canine superspecies that appears in the 2024 Monsterverse video game Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers.


The words "magma" and "jackal" in the Magma Jackal's name reference the magma which shines through its skin and its canine appearance, respectively. It is given the cryptozoological classification Canis Vulcan, composed of the Latin word canis ("dog") and the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.


The Magma Jackal is a doglike creature resembling a jackal, but with rocky gray skin. Cracks run all through its body, revealing glowing orange magma beneath. The insides of its mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears also glow orange or yellow.


The Magma Jackal was initially suspected to be a "cousin" of the Death Jackal, but "observation and phylogenetic studies" found that it "may have more in common with" the Magma Turtle and Rodan. Like the other creatures residing on the Siren Isles, Magma Jackals are suspected to have emerged from the Hollow Earth upon the islands' formation. Magma Jackals are most commonly found in "volcanic territory" in mountains and underground caverns.


Magma Jackals roam in packs, and are known to venture far beyond their native territory. Though their rock-like exterior best camouflages them against mountains and caves, they have been observed submerging themselves in water to quench the magma visible in their veins, both for disguise purposes and to lower their body heat.

Though Magma Jackals are carnivores, they are also described as consuming rock, which is melted in their "superheated core" to repair their exterior. This tough hide increases in thickness as the Jackals mature.


Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers

The Magma Jackal is first seen as a pawn of the player, being naturally unlocked after a certain point in progression. They are also encountered as enemies in the campaign.

Magma Jackals are known to appear in the following campaign missions:

  • Echoes in the Mountain II
  • Echoes in the Mountain III
  • Echoes in the Mountain IV
  • Mountain of Monsters I
  • Mountain of Monsters II
  • Mountain of Monsters III


Physical capabilities

As an Expedition unit, the Magma Jackal's basic attack is Scorching Bite. Canonically, they possess molten saliva which leaves burns when they bite.

Molten Burst

The Expedition unit's special ability is Molten Burst, a fireball shot from its mouth which deals damage, stuns the target for one turn, and inflicts Burned for two turns.


The Magma Jackal's body is protected by a "near-impenetrable" armored coat, and they are described as being "difficult to kill." As an Expedition unit, they possess medium armor.


As a result of the species' "weight and size," it is described as a "slow opponent." The Expedition unit has a base Haste stat of 160.

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