Time Dragon

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Time Dragon
The Time Dragon in The Time Dragons
Alternate names Primitive Dinosaur[1]
Species Tyrannosaurus rex
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 13,
"The Time Dragons."

The Time Dragon (原始恐竜,   Genshi Kyōryū, lit. Primitive Dinosaur) is a dinosaur monster that appeared in episode 13 of Godzilla, "The Time Dragons."


Despite its name, the Time Dragon resembles a blue Tyrannosaurus rex rather than a dragon. Along with standing upright like theropod dinosaurs were thought to do at the time, the Time Dragon has a row of spikes along its back, as well as longer arms than an actual Tyrannosaurus.



"The Time Dragons"

The Time Dragon came across the Calico crew while they were trying to return to their ship. The dinosaur stopped them and crushed the Godzilla signaler, but Godzooky called Godzilla manually. Godzilla rose from the sea to fight the Time Dragon, and as they battled, their feet unearthed uranium ore.

Godzilla picked up the mud-like substance, not knowing of its properties, and was instantly transported back to modern times, leaving the Calico to fend for themselves, but the group was saved by a native cave tribe. Quinn told the group to use the gray mud on them.

When the Time Dragon was hit, it, the Calico, and the crew were transported back to the modern age. However, the same satellite that had sent them back in time in the first place was about to hit Godzilla again. Godzilla blew a hurricane-like wind blast that sent the satellite into the hands of the dinosaur, returning it back in time to its home.



The Time Dragon's roars are recycled elephant trumpeting sound effects used in other Hanna-Barbera cartoons.


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