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Tiamat in Godzilla Dominion
Titanus Tiamat[1]
Species Giant sea serpent
Length 847 feet[2]
Place(s) of emergence Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
Controlled by King Ghidorah
Enemies The Rival, Godzilla, Aquaman JLvGvK, Kraken JLvGvK
Designed by Dope Pope
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Dominion Monsterverse Declassified
Once again her body cuts into him like a hundred teeth. Here, below, she is at her strongest.

— Narrator (Godzilla Dominion)

Tiamat (ティアマト,   Tiamato) is a serpentine Titan first mentioned in the 2019 Monsterverse film Godzilla: King of the Monsters on a Monarch map. She made her first physical appearance in the 2021 graphic novel Godzilla Dominion.

Once dormant underneath Stone Mountain in the U.S. state of Georgia, Tiamat was awakened by King Ghidorah's call in 2019 and began to attack humanity. She was pacified when Madison Russell activated the Orca in Boston. Some time later, Tiamat was residing near one of Godzilla's old lairs in the Hollow Earth, and attacked him when he came to reclaim it. Tiamat dominated much of the fight until Godzilla managed to bring her onto land, after which he was able to get Tiamat to submit and withdraw.


Tiamat is named after a Babylonian salt sea goddess who gave birth to gods that later killed her and used her carcass to create Earth.

In-universe, Monarch assigns Tiamat the Titan classification Titanus Tiamat.[1]


Tiamat concept art by Dope Pope

Tiamat was designed by well-known kaiju and creature artist Dope Pope.[3] Some iterations of her design possessed a large frill.


Tiamat is a colossal sea serpent with a dark purple body. Lining down her form are numerous bioluminescent fins and sharp plates. Multiple sets of barbels hang from a beaked head with bright yellow eyes.


Tiamat is hostile and territorial, as shown when she attacks Godzilla once he comes to claim his lair.


According to Godzilla Dominion writer Greg Keyes, Tiamat was responsible for killing the ancient member of Kong's species whose skull is seen in Godzilla's lair, and likely also fought many other Titans.[4]


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Residing at Outpost 53, beneath Stone Mountain in the U.S. state of Georgia, Tiamat was one of the many Titans who began to attack humanity under the direction of King Ghidorah. She was later pacified when Madison Russell activated the Orca at Fenway Park.


Godzilla Dominion

When Godzilla arrived in the Hollow Earth to reclaim one of his old lairs, he was suddenly attacked by Tiamat. She coiled her body around Godzilla as she dragged him underwater in a maelstrom, with her scales cutting into him. He headbutted Tiamat in the mouth, but she expelled a blinding acidic breath into the water. Using his other senses to track Tiamat, Godzilla turned as Tiamat was trying to swim up behind him. Tiamat again constricted her body around Godzilla and began dragging him deeper and deeper underwater. Tiamat pulled Godzilla through an underwater tunnel that led into an air pocket. As the two Titans surfaced, Tiamat bit down on Godzilla's neck. Godzilla grabbed Tiamat by the throat and threw her onto solid ground. He stomped on her repeatedly, but Tiamat roared defiantly at him. Godzilla answered the upstart Titan with a roar of his own which convinced her to submit. Tiamat then slithered back into the water and departed.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong

When the Titans were unleashed onto the DC Universe's Earth through Toyman's use of the Dreamstone, Tiamat made her way to the city of Atlantis. Aquaman's ability to communicate with sea creatures failed to calm her and with Godzilla arriving on the scene to engage her, Aquaman was left with no choice but to release the Kraken from a deep sea trench to save his kingdom.

As the three monsters clashed, Hal Jordan was able to use his Green Lantern ring to trap Tiamat in a net and separate her from Godzilla and the Kraken. However, Tiamat would be knocked into Atlantis's dome, creating a crack, pulling Hal's focus away to reinforce the dome. Flash was able to find the beacon that had lured Tiamat, allowing him to draw her away from the city, while other Green Lanterns arrived to reinforce the dome for repairs and the Kraken managed to bring Godzilla down to the trench, where Aquaman was able to chain the monster king up.

Monsterverse Declassified

To be added.


Tiamat is a powerful aquatic Titan, having killed a specimen of Kong's species in the past. She even managed to overpower Godzilla, himself a strong amphibious Titan, underwater.


Tiamat can constrict her body around enemies, allowing her to easily drag them through the water.


Tiamat's scales are stated to be sharp enough to cut into Godzilla's flesh.

Phosphorus ink

Tiamat can expel a yellow phosphorous ink from her mouth, also called "toxic/acidic breath" by Godzilla Dominion artist Drew Edward Johnson,[5] that blinds opponents. She is able to do this via chemoreceptors located in her venom hood.[2]


Tiamat generated a maelstrom at the start of her fight against Godzilla to drag him into the ocean's depths. According to Drew Johnson, she may also be able to create waterspouts.[6] She is thoroughly in her element underwater, where she dominated Godzilla before he threw her onto solid ground.

Electrogenic cells

Tiamat possesses electrogenic cells that collect and release electricity in currents to such an extent that she can cause the ocean to boil and create electrical superstorms.[2]


Tiamat can utilize vocal folds in her tendrils to mimic the sounds of other creatures.[2] Due to her years imprisoned in Monarch Outpost 53, humans are among those species, although she is incapable of speech.[2]


Although Tiamat is a highly dangerous Titan in underwater combat, she doesn't fare as well when fighting on land, as she was easily overwhelmed by Godzilla when he succeeded in dragging her on land.


Concept art

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla Dominion




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Podcast with Tiamat designer Dope Pope


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