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Bernie Hayes
Bernie Hayes in Godzilla vs. Kong
Species Human
Nationality American
Affiliation Apex Cybernetics (formerly)
Occupation Podcast host, former Apex Cybernetics technician
Related to Sarah (deceased wife)
Allies Madison Russell, Josh Valentine, Godzilla, Kong, Monarch, Dr. Ilene Andrews, Jia, Trapper Beasley, Mikael, Iwi, Mothra
Enemies Apex Cybernetics, Number 10, Mechagodzilla, Walter Simmons, GhidoraStan64, Skar King, Shimo, Great Apes
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla x Kong:
The New Empire
Played by Brian Tyree Henry
After five years of deep cover at Apex Cybernetics, I’m finally taking my shot. Something bad is going on here. I don’t know what it is, but I'm about to walk in and download hard evidence and expose a vast corporate conspiracy. Yeah, you can call me a whistleblower, but I ain’t just whistling. I mean, this is more than a leak. It’s a flood. And believe me, this flood is gonna wash away all of Apex’s lies. You can believe that.

— Bernie Hayes records his Titan Truth Podcast moments before Godzilla's attack on the Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Florida (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Bernie Hayes is a character who appears in the 2021 Legendary Pictures Godzilla film Godzilla vs. Kong and its 2024 sequel, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.[1]

A conspiracy theorist who hosts the Titan Truth Podcast, Bernie posed as a technician at Apex Cybernetics' Pensacola facility in order to investigate and hopefully expose the company's shady activities. After managing to survive Godzilla's sudden attack on the facility in 2024, Bernie saw what looked like a huge robotic eye among the debris. Working together with Madison Russell and her friend Josh Valentine, Bernie continued his investigation into Apex and its connection to Godzilla's recent attacks, which eventually led him to Apex's Hong Kong headquarters. There, the trio discovered that Apex had constructed a robotic Titan dubbed Mechagodzilla with the intention of overthrowing Godzilla himself. When Mechagodzilla became self-aware and turned on its creators, Bernie and his allies attempted to shut down the mecha from its control room while Godzilla and Kong battled it in the city. Josh utilized Bernie's keepsake whiskey flask to stall Mechagodzilla, allowing Godzilla and Kong to destroy it.



Godzilla vs. Kong

Residing in Pensacola, Florida, Hayes had a podcast called Titan Truth, where he regularly speculated about the secrecy surrounding Godzilla and other "Titans" that had emerged in the years since 2014. While recording an episode, Hayes promised to his listeners that he would download files from Apex Cybernetics, where he was employed as an engineer. Immediately thereafter, he entered work at Apex's Pensacola plant, proceeding to a coworker's office. Despite being told to leave, Hayes deliberately annoyed his colleague into leaving, allowing him to begin downloading data off the room's computer unimpeded. Hayes was intrigued by unusual shipping manifests listing Hong Kong as the destination for Apex technology, but was interrupted by the facility's alarm system signaling a Titan attack. While Hayes initially began to evacuate with the rest of Apex staff, he soon took an opportunity to slip through a door unnoticed and sneak into a restricted area. Hayes was soon confronted by two armed Apex guards who demanded to see his clearance to be in the area. However, the attacking Godzilla's atomic breath killed both guards, leaving Hayes to catch a glimpse of a glowing robotic eye lying in the wreckage.

Seeking answers to Godzilla's attack, Madison Russell and her friend Josh Valentine ran away and tracked Hayes down on their own, successfully managing to find him through a distributor of bleach, which Hayes had used to attempt to wash off tracking devices. Hayes refused to let the two enter, but when Madison told him her name, he recognized her as Mark Russell's daughter. At a restaurant, Madison stated that she believed Godzilla was attacking Apex's facility due to provocation, and Hayes agreed. He then showed Madison and Josh the contents of the flash drive, agreeing with the former that the shipping manifests were indeed suspicious. Josh was curious to see that Hayes wore a gun holster, but Hayes showed that it merely contained a flask of whiskey given to him by his late wife, Sarah. The three then resolved to sneak into Apex's facility to investigate further.

Hayes, Madison and Josh later arrived at the decimated Pensacola plant, successfully managing to sneak through the wreckage. However, Hayes found the area that formerly held the robotic eye empty after trying to show it to Madison and Josh. The three found a functioning elevator nearby, and took it all the way down to the facility's Sub-Level 33. They briefly wandered around several tram cars and storage areas, but were forced to hide inside one of the cars after hearing people nearby. Just as Madison recognized the tram's contents as Skullcrawler eggs, the doors automatically shut and the tram began to move through the earth at high speed.

Later, after the tram arrived in Hong Kong, Hayes, Madison, and Josh wandered around Apex's facility before entering a massive dark chamber. Unbeknownst to them, this was a testing area for Apex's latest creation, a giant robot that began to emerge from the bottom of the chamber. Upon seeing the beast's resemblance to Godzilla, Hayes initially called it "Robo-Godzilla," but Josh corrected him with the machine's true name: Mechagodzilla. Still oblivious to the group's presence in the facility, Apex founder Walter Simmons ordered a Skullcrawler to be released into the chamber, upon which it began attacking Hayes and the others before being seized by Mechagodzilla. While the group fleed, the machine cleaved the Skullcrawler in half with its Proton Scream, but unexpectedly powered down. Hayes and the group managed to exit the chamber through a nearby hatch, leaving them to try to find a way out. While trying to exit the facility, Hayes and the others happened upon a room containing the skull of Ghidorah, and were shocked to see it was housing a supercomputer controlled by Ren Serizawa, whom they found in a trance-like state.

Hayes and the others continued to sneak through the facility, but were caught after emerging from a maintenance hatch located right next to Mechagodzilla's control room. Though Hayes desperately tried to claim they worked in the facility, he was captured by armed guards and brought into the control room along with Madison and Josh. Simmons, who also recognized Madison, briefly debated with her but became busy with overseeing Mechagodzilla's charging process. However, the machine proved Simmons' undoing as it regained Ghidorah's consciousness and killed him with a single swipe to the control room before breaking out of the facility and into Hong Kong. Josh tried to interfere with the Mecha's controls, but found little success and the three watched as Mechagodzilla took on Godzilla and Kong, the latter of which had emerged from the Hollow Earth to join the battle. When Josh locked himself out of Mechagodzilla's control panel, Hayes took his flask and suggested the they share a drink. Much to his indignation, however, Josh grabbed his flask and poured it onto the control panel, causing it to spark and momentarily stall Mechagodzilla, which contributed to the machine's eventual defeat.

After later being reunited with her father in the city's streets, Madison introduced Hayes to Russell. Flustered, Hayes suggested having Russell on his podcast at some point. Hayes and the others then watched anxiously as Godzilla and Kong ceased their hostilities, with the former retreating into the ocean.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire





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