Sueko Togami

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Sueko Togami
Sueko Togami in Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Played by Kumi Mizuno

Sueko Togami (戸上季子,   Togami Sueko) is a character in the 1965 Toho kaiju film, Frankenstein vs. Baragon.


Showa era

Frankenstein vs. Baragon

An assistant of Dr. James Bowen at a hospital in Hiroshima, Sueko was studying the effects of radiation on the human body and ways to treat radiation poisoning. While walking home from work one day, Akemi witnessed a feral boy run across the street, chased by an old man who claimed the boy had attacked and eaten his dog. One night, Sueko invited Dr. Bowen over to her house for dinner, only to hear a disturbance from outside her window. She and Bowen witnessed the aftermath of a vehicle striking the same feral boy she saw earlier. Sueko threw a bag of food to the boy, who seemed miraculously uninjured. The boy then took the food and wandered off.

Years later, Sueko and Bowen visited the grave of one of their former patients. While walking along a beach, they saw a group of children claiming there was a waif inside a nearby cave. They entered the cave and found the same boy they had seen before hiding inside. The two managed to convince the boy to come out of hiding, and brought him to their hospital. Incredibly, the boy was caucasian, and had been exposed to massive amounts of radiation to no ill effect. Sueko cared for the boy, who began to grow rapidly as he was fed. Eventually, the boy was moved to a cage and chained up as he continued to grow at an exponential rate. While searching for explanations as to the boy's past, the scientists were approached by former Imperial Japanese Naval officer Daigo Kawai, who related a story of having transported the living heart of Frankenstein's monster to the army hospital in Hiroshima in 1945. Dr. Kenichiro Kawaji visited German scientist Dr. Liesendorf, the previous caretaker of Frankenstein's heart, who told him to sever one of the boy's limbs and see if it grew back. If it did, Liesendorf said, it proved the boy had grown from Frankenstein's heart. Sueko was greatly opposed to the idea, believing it to be cruel. Bowen agreed that it would be terrible if they severed one of the boy's limbs and it turned out he was not Frankenstein. While Bowen visited Sueko's apartment for dinner that night, Kawaji prepared to sever one of the boy's limbs. However, a group of reporters entered the holding area to take pictures. Their cameras agitated the now-gigantic boy, who broke free of his bindings and escaped. Bowen was alerted to the escape and prepared to head to the scene, with Sueko begging to accompany him. He assured her it was too dangerous and left. Sueko remained in her apartment only to witness the giant approach her window. She begged him to stay, but the giant eventually ran off and fled the city.

It was discovered that the giant had severed his own hand while escaping from his wrist bindings, and that the hand had continued living and moving on its own. This proved to the scientists that the boy was Frankenstein. Sueko and her collegues lobbied the JSDF to spare Frankenstein, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. The demand to kill Frankenstein only grew louder as destruction was caused throughout the Japanese countryside and people began to disappear. However, Kawai visited the scientists again and proposed that these latest attacks were not the work of Frankenstein but another subterranean monster he had witnessed attacking his oilfield in Akita. Kawai and the scientists tried to convince the JSDF that Frankenstein was not behind these attacks, but no one believed them. The scientists continued dropping food for Frankenstein in the forests around Mount Fuji, and embarked on foot to try and find him. During their search, Kawaji revealed that he had brought along explosives to blind Frankenstein and render him helpless so that he could kill him. Kawaji argued that if they could obtain his heart, they could continue studying it and said this was the only way to ensure Frankenstein lived on. Both bowen and Sueko were horrified by this idea, but could not stop Kawaji from throwing his explosives. However, the explosives drew the attention of the subterranean monster, Baragon, who menaced the three scientists. Sueko became separated from the others as the monster attacked, and screamed out as Baragon approached her. Her scream attracted Frankenstein, who came to her rescue and attacked Baragon. Sueko was able to escape with Bowen, but Kawaji was left behind and fell onto a cliffside. Frankenstein rescued Kawaji and brought him to Sueko and Bowen. Sueko and Bowen brought Kawaji to a nearby village to treat his wounds, while warning the locals to evacuate. The three then watched the remainder of Frankenstein's battle with Baragon, and witnessed as Frankenstein triumphed by breaking his foe's neck. However, a fissure opened in the ground beneath Frankenstein and swallowed him. Sueko pondered if Frankenstein had perished, but Kawaji said he was sure the creature lived on. Bowen remarked that it would be better for Frankenstein to have died, as he was "only a monster."



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