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Akira in Kawaii! JeNny
Akira in Kawaii! JeNny
Species Human
Forms Akira, Sweets Angel
Relations Akira, Nadeshiko (Partners)
Allies Jenny, Nadeshiko, Mr. Crown, Harry, International Science Police
Enemies Sister B, Bear-san, Bear-kun, Bear-chan, Itazuran, Garbage Monster
First appearance Kawaii! JeNny Episode 1: Sweets Angels
Akira is a human being, therefore only speaks.

Akira is a 17-year-old kaijin and part of the Sweets Angels team, an elite task force of the International Science Police dedicated to protecting the world's cute fashion and delicious sweets from the forces of Sister B and her orgnization Ebiran. She was created by Toho based on the "Jenny" line of fashion dolls produced by Takara. She debuted in episode 1 of the 2007 tokusatsu series, Kawaii! JeNny titled Sweets Angels.


Akira and the other humans on the show were portrayed with modified Jenny dolls on metal handles with small rigs to allow their arms to move.


Akira is a 17-year old girl with Short, brown hair and green eyes. While in her everyday outfit, she wears a Green collared shirt with a dark green overcoat. But, once she shifts into a Sweets Angel, her entire look changes to reflect a warrioress. Her entire upper body is covered with a white under armor which is further covered with armor plates in various shades of green. Past the upper armor is a split where her thighs are visible, however more under armor extends down to her feet which are also covered with long, green boots. This suit is known as a Fairytector and is "stronger than steel, but lighter than silk." She also dons an asymmetrical headpiece while a Sweets Angel.


Kawaii! JeNny

"Sweets Angels"

While spending an afternoon shooting hoops, Akira was summoned to Sweets Angels headquarters for a mission. En route she met up with her friend and fellow Angel Jenny, and the two arrived to find their third teammate Nadeshiko waiting for them. There they received word from their leader Mr. Crown that their nemesis Sister B was wreaking havoc in her giant mech Itazuran, and dispatched the girls to take a look. Jenny made the initial approach, but was blown out of the sky when Itazuran vented his exhaust at her. Akira, from the top of a building, scolded the mech for his reckless violation of Japan's air pollution laws. In retaliation, the robot shot at the girls with lasers, which prompted them to transform into their fighting gear. He assaulted them with bubbles before Akira used her Dynamic Shoot attack to knock Itazuran's paintbrush out of his hand, preventing him from vandalizing further. He then readied a time bomb, but was electrocuted by Nadeshiko's Sweets Arrow, and hit again by Akira with Sparkling Shoot, before Jenny's Sparkling Baton Flash made him drop the bomb, which exploded on the pavement, taking him with it. The girls then celebrated with coffee and chocolate cake at a local cafe, and they decided to go for bean rice cakes, Akira's favorite, next time.

"How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?"

Some time previous, Akira was unamused by Jenny's enthusiasm for the cherry blossoms, and Akira urged the group to find some Sakura rice cakes. Nadeshiko agreed, but the group soon spotted a sign advertising tryouts to become a fashion model. Jenny pretended not to be interested, but Akira and Nadeshiko encouraged her to be true to herself and try out. She got in line, and the others opted to join her. While in line, Jenny was taken away by three bears, leaving Akira and Nadeshiko to run after them until they caught up to her in a red double decker bus. Inside, a TV descended from the ceiling and informed them that they had arrived at tryouts for the Internationsl Science Police's new task force, the Sweets Angels. While they were initially disinterested, Crown's groveling and bribe of a tray of deserts convinced them to stay. They all later suffered horrible stomach aches.



The Fairytector not only thoroughly protects the user, but also allows them to preform a variety of special attacks. Akira seems to specialize in kicking.

Dynamic Shoot

Akira can launch herself at high speeds toward an enemy from a standing position.

Sparkling Shoot

Much like the Dynamic Shoot, this is another kicking based move.


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