How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?

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Kawaii! JeNny Episodes
Sweets Angels
How Did I Become A Sweets Angel?
Break Up Eibran!
How Did I Become A Sweets Angel?
How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?
Series Kawaii! JeNny
Episode # 2
Directed by Koichi Kawakita
Written by Yoshio Urasawa
Air date October 1, 2007

How Did I Become A Sweets Angel? is the second episode of Toho Company Ltd.'s 2006 Television show Kawaii! JeNny. It aired alongside the previous episode on October 1st 2007.


Jenny sat on a park bench recounting the tale of her joining the Sweets Angels. One spring while the cherry blossoms were in full display, the three friends Jenny, Akira and Nadeshiko spotted a line for a fashion model audition while searching for Sakura cakes. Akira and Nadeshiko encouraged their friend to sign up, and then decided to join her in the try outs. At the same time, Bear-chan, Bear-san, and Bear-kun showed Sister B the line and encouraged her to join as well. Sister B agreed that it was strange no modeling agencies had come to scout her yet, and she began to look over the line and scoped out the competition. She was convinced she could beat every girl there except for Jenny. She then sent the bears to take her out of the competition. They ran up to her claiming to have been sent to bring her to the location of the competition, and they decided to leave her in a double decker bus. Inside, Akira and Nadeshiko caught up to her and they were scanned by a robotic dog before being contacted by Mr. Crown. He explained that he was not auditioning for fashion models, but instead for Sweets Angels, a force to combat the dastardly Eibran. Uninterested in the prospect, Jenny prepared to leave, but Crown locked the doors and begged them to stay, as they were the only three who came to the audition. He then bribed them with sweets and they agreed to stay. At the audition, Sister B sang a song about how amazing she was and how everyone except for her was the worst. Unfortunately, she was failed for not seeming kind enough. The new Sweets Angels all suffered stomach aches the following day. Back in the present, Jenny lamented that being a Sweets Angel was not a very rewarding job, and went home to remedy her sadness with rest and Udon.


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