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Jenny in Kawaii! JeNny
Jenny in Kawaii! JeNny
Alternate names JeNny, Jenni, JeNni
Species Human
Height ~5 feet 6 inches
Forms Jenny, Sweets Angel
Relations Akira, Nadeshiko (Partners)
Allies Akira, Nadeshiko, Mr. Crown, Harry
Enemies Sister B, Bear-san, Bear-kun, Bear-chan, Itazuran, Garbage Monster
First appearance Latest appearance
Kawaii! JeNny Episode 1: "Sweets Angels" Kawaii! JeNny Episode 26: "The End of Garbage Monster"

Jenny (ジェニー,   Jenī) is a 17-year-old kaijin and part of the Sweets Angels team, an elite task force of the International Science Police dedicated to protecting the world's cute fashion and delicious sweets from the forces of Sister B and her orgnization Ebiran. She was created by Toho based on the "Jenny" line of fashion dolls produced by Takara. She debuted in episode 1 of the 2007 tokusatsu series, Kawaii! JeNny titled Sweets Angels.


In 1982, the company Mattel approached Japanese toy manufacturer Takara about redesigning their "Barbie" line of fashion dolls to appeal more to the Japanese market. This resulted in the "Takara Barbie" which was sold until 1986 when the deal between the two companies ended. In order to continue selling their doll, Takara changed its name to Jenny.[1] In 2006, Takara merged with its longtime rival TOMY, which allowed for the series to begin development. Jenny and the other humans on the show were portrayed with modified Jenny dolls on metal handles with small rigs to allow their arms to move.


Jenny is a 17-year old girl with shoulder length light brown hair and brown eyes. Her street clothes tend to change from episode to episode to show off fashions for Jenny dolls, but her school uniform consists of a plaid skirt, brown leggings and shoes, with a heavy beige overcoat accented with a red bow. When she uses her Fairytector to transform into her battle gear, she covers her entire upper body with a white under armor which is further covered with armor plates in various shades of pink. Past the upper armor is a split where her thighs are visible, however more under armor extends down to her feet which are also covered with long, pink boots.


Jenny was in High School when she was selected by Mr. Crown to join the Sweets Angels and help to combat the forces of Ebiran, a dastardly organization bent on eliminating all the world's delicious sweets and cute fashion.


Kawaii! JeNny

"Sweets Angels"

During a day of shopping at one of her favorite boutiques, Jenny was summoned by Mr. Clown to Bus Bus, the headquarters of the Sweets Angels to receive a mission. She met up with Akira on the way and found Nadeshiko waiting for them when they arrived. Clown dispatched them to where Sister B was vandalizing buildings with her robot Itazuran. Jenny arrived on the Gyro Gespa and shouted for them to stop, only to be blasted by the robot venting its exhaust at her. She and the other girls then transformed into their Fairytector armor as Itazuran readied a time bomb to throw at them. Using her Shining Baton Flash, Jenny knocked it out of his hands and it exploded on the pavement, taking him with it and sending Sister B flying. The girls then celebrated together with coffee and chocolate cake at a local cafe.

"How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?"

While seated on a park bench, Jenny recounted the tale of her joining the Sweets Angels. It was during the season of cherry blossoms when she and her friends Akira and Nadeshiko were in search of good Sakura cakes when they found a sign advertising fashion model auditions. Jenny pretended not to be interested, but her friends encouraged her to be true to herself. She entered the queue, but was soon approached by three bears who claimed they would take her to the site of the real audition, and they spirited her away to a red double decker bus. They flung her inside and disappeared. Akira and Nadeshiko quickly found her, and Jenny was scanned by a robot dog that was seated inside. A TV then came down from the ceiling and a man onscreen introduced himself as Mr. Crown, a member of the International Science Police, who intended to make the girls into Sweets Angels. Jenny, being thoroughly uninterested, attempted to leave, but Crown locked the doors and begged them to stay. It turned out that Jenny and the others were the only three to show up to the Sweets Angels audition, and he bribed the girls with a cart of desserts and they agreed to stay. All three later suffered terrible stomach aches. Jenny lamented the unrewarding nature of being a Sweets Angel, and went home to have some udon and go to sleep to cure her glumness.



The Fairytector not only thoroughly protects the user, but also allows them to perform a signature move.

Shining Baton Flash

Jenny can summon two small batons which are packed with energy, and when thrown can cause large amounts of damage.


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