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Endoswarmer / Endopede
A Endoswarmer render
The Endopede render
Alternate names Endoswarm,[1] Millipede,[2] millipedes,[3]
millipede creature,[3] megapede[4]
Species Insectoid Titan[5]
Place(s) of emergence Kazakhstan
Enemies Humans
Written by Chris Black
First appearance Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
episode 1, "Aftermath"
Latest appearance Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
episode 8, "Birthright"
There seems to be multiple sets of appendages. Definitely insectoid. Oh, it's stunning. When they powered up the reactor, it must have drawn them toward the surface to feed.

Keiko Randa (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters)

The Endoswarmer, with adults referred to as Endopedes, is a species of insectoid Titan[5] that appears in the 2023 Apple TV+ Monsterverse television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, debuting in its first episode "Aftermath."


The Endoswarmers are not named onscreen; Keiko Randa refers to them as "some new form of MUTO" upon first seeing their eggs, while the closed captions on Apple TV+ simply refer to them as "insects." The name "Endoswarmer" was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.[5] The collective name Endoswarm has also been offered by a USA TODAY article, VFX supervisor Sean Konrad in an interview for Newsweek,[1][6] and a YouTube short on Apple TV's channel.[7] Furthermore, in a scene breakdown for Rotten Tomatoes, director Matt Shakman referred to the Endoswarmers generically as "millipede creature" and "millipedes."[3] Adult Endoswarmers are referred to as Endopedes.[8]


Endoswarmers resemble arthropods such as centipedes or millipedes, but with shorter, armored bodies, a single row of sharpened spikes on their backs, and longer legs. They are dark gray in color, with orange highlights. The Endoswarmers also appear to lack any visible eyes and possess long antennae on their heads.


Dr. Keiko Randa theorized that the Endoswarmers had been lured to the surface by the activation of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan, with Lee Shaw adding that their mother was likely close by.


The Endoswarmers in Kazakhstan pursued Dr. Keiko Randa and Lee Shaw from the moment they were born. Catching Keiko required them to pile on top of each other; as Monarch: Legacy of Monsters co-creator Chris Black describes, the creatures "work together to create something bigger and more terrifying."[1]



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


In 1959, Monarch agents Bill Randa, his wife and fellow doctor Keiko, and Lee Shaw followed Geiger counter readings in Kazakhstan to a deserted nuclear power plant. To their shock, they found that the Geiger counter stopped detecting radiation once the power plant was in sight. As they walked through the ruins, Keiko observed that every spike in radiation she detected soon faded, as though something was absorbing it. Shaw instead suggested that something was eating it, like the monsters they had encountered before. They set off a series of charges around the plant, and were delighted to find chambers in the bedrock beneath them, which supported the Randas' controversial theory—until a minor earthquake hit the area.

Keiko, Bill, and Lee ventured inside one of the buildings and found a pit with dozens of Endoswarmer eggs at the bottom. They prepared to descend to take genetic samples of this new species despite Lee's reservations, although he limits them to five minutes. The earth split again after Keiko and Lee reached the bottom of the pit. Keiko observed that the unhatched monsters were insect-like, and theorized that they were drawn up from underground by the nuclear reactor. Tremors continued to rock the building as the eggs hatched and the newborn creatures rushed towards them. Bill started to pull up Keiko, with Lee climbing his own rope. One of the Endoswarmers grabbed onto Keiko's leg, with countless more following as they piled onto each other. Lee emptied his pistol into them, then tried to pull Keiko to safety, but Bill's grip slipped on the rope and the monsters dragged her back into the pit.


In 2015, Lee Shaw and Michelle Duvall, along with multiple ex-Monarch personnel, traveled to the abandoned plant in Kazakhstan in order to collapse the rift connecting the Hollow Earth to the surface. Shaw was specifically devoted to destroying it, as the Endoswarmers in the plant resulted in Keiko's supposed death. While there, their plans were interrupted by the arrival of Kate, May Kentaro, and Tim. The group tried unsuccessfully to prevent Shaw's plan, and the explosive devices were set. Seemingly in response, a now fully-grown Endopede erupted from the rift, shaking the entire facility, leading to Kate and May falling into the pit.


Radiation absorption

The Endoswarmers passively fed on radiation from inside their eggs, with Keiko noting that any readings of radiation from inside the nuclear power plant quickly disappeared.

Physical abilities

The Endoswarmers did not appear to bite or scratch at Keiko Randa, instead simply weighing her down until Bill Randa lost his grip on the rope that would have pulled her out of their reach.


Lee Shaw was able to kill several Endoswarmers with his pistol.


The Endopede's roars were made by reusing and mixing the sounds of the Endoswarmer and the MUTOs.

Endoswarmer's roars and sound effects
Endopede's roars and sound effects


  • Though referred to as Titans by Monarch: Legacy of Monsters co-creator Matt Fraction,[5] the Endoswarmers' classification by Monarch has yet to be revealed.


Titan Sightings: Ep. 1 Endoswarm
Titan Sightings: Ep. 8 Endopede


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