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Image gallery for Jigora

Jigora in episode 13 of Godzilla Island
Alternate names Ancient monster
Species Reptilian alien
Allies Torema
Enemies Zagreth, King Ghidorah
First appearance Godzilla Island episode 13,
"Torema's Will"
Latest appearance Godzilla Island episode 14,
"The Unforgivable Zagreth"
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Jigora (ジゴラ,   Jigora)[1] is an alien kaiju who appears along with other members of his species in flashback in the 1997 Toho series Godzilla Island.


Jigora's name is an anagram of Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira. He is first named in episode 19, though Torema previously described his kind as "ancient monsters" (古代生物,   kodai seibutsu, lit. "ancient organism") in episode 14. Commander Jinguji also alludes to them as "an ancient species that resembled Godzilla" (ゴジラと似た古代生物,   Gojira to nita kodai seibutsu). The 2014 book Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia does not mention Jigora's proper name, listing him as "ancient monster of Planet Torendeiru" (トレンディル星の古代生物,   Torendiru-sei no kodai seibutsu).[2]


Jigora and his ilk appear to have been portrayed by one or more repainted Bandai The Godzilla Collection Godzilla Junior figures.


Jigora closely resembles Godzilla Junior, having a similar skin tone and the same pattern of dorsal fins on his back. However, he uniquely possesses a yellow stripe on either side of his dorsal fins.


Godzilla Island

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Jigora's roar is a reversed Showa Godzilla roar.


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