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The Jigora in Godzilla Island Episode 13
Alternate names Ancient Organisms of Torendiru,
Torendiru Star's Ancient Organisms,
Species Alien Reptiles
Allies Torema
Enemies Zagreth, King Ghidorah
Created by Toho
Played by Puppets
First appearance Godzilla Island Episode 13:
Torema's Will
Latest appearance Godzilla Island Episode 14:
Zagreth Won't Give Up

The Jigora (ジゴラ,   Jigora)[1] are a species of kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 13 of the 1997 Toho kaiju series, Godzilla Island titled Torema's Will.


Relating to their resemblance to Godzilla Junior, the Jigoras' name is a simple anagram of Gojira.

The Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia give the Jigora a different name, instead listing them as Ancient Organisms of Torendiru (トレンディル星の古代生物,   Torendiru-boshi no Kodai Seibutsu, lit. Ancient Organisms of Torendiru Star).[2]


Visually, the kaiju closely resemble Godzilla Junior, having a similar skin tone and the same pattern of dorsal fins on their backs. However, they have small differences to their Earth-based counterparts - namely, the presence of two yellow stripes, one on either side of their dorsal fins.


Godzilla Island

Torema's Will

In a flashback, Torema is shown regretfully shooting a rocket launcher at one of these creatures. Before she passes out due to her fight with Zagreth a short while ago along with trying to help Godzilla against King Ghidorah, she gives Besuke Jinguji a video.

Zagreth Won't Give Up

The monsters are shown to inhabit Torema's planet in the video Torema gave Besuke Jinguji. After Zagreth and King Ghidorah attack the planet, then head for Earth, Torema vows to protect the threatened planet, as another one of the monsters comes to watch.


The Jigoras' roar is a reversed Showa Godzilla roar.



  • The figures used for these creatures were regular Bandai Godzilla Junior figures that were made a lighter, brighter green and had yellow stripes added to them.
  • Curiously, the Jigora closely resemble Junior's design from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, while the real Junior (who also appears in the series) looks very different, being soil-colored and having large eyes.


This is a list of references for Jigora. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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