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Shadorah in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Energy Terror-Beast
(エネルギー恐獣,   Enerugī Kyōjū)
Height 70 meters[1]
Relations Garogas (Creators)
Allies Garogas, Shipdraw
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter Episode 10:
Zone Fighter Annihilated

Shadorah (シャドラー,   Shadorā) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 10 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter, titled Zone Fighter Annihilated.


According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, Shadorah was born on Planet Garoga, the same homeworld as the Garogas.[2]


Shadorah resembles a stout, beetle-like creature with large yellow eyes and bluish-grey skin. Shadorah also possesses two pairs of large grey fangs with one on his upper jaw and the other residing on his lower jaw. His legs and arms appear to have become degraded, with the arms ending with double pronged claws and the legs being noticeably stubby. Shadorah also possesses a striped back with what appears to be fur, with a tail and the end of it that has 2 triangular spikes protruding from it.


Showa era

Zone Fighter

Zone Fighter Annihilated

Tired of Zone Fighter and the Zone Family's constant victories over the Terror-Beasts, the Garogas had finally had enough and sent in Shadorah to kill them. Zone Fighter battled the monster for a short while, and eventually broke Shadorah's energy bubble. Thinking Shadorah was defeated, the hero turned back into his civilian form.

A short while later, the Garogas sent Shipdraw to get Zone's attention and make him grow to giant size once more. Zone did so, but managed to defeat him. Zone began to leave, wondering why the Garogas had sent their next monster so soon.

Whilst Zone was leaving, he collapsed. When Zone had destroyed Shadorah's energy bubble, the bubble's energy began to feed on him. Shadorah helped Shipdraw up and they escaped.

Zone's family realized that Shadorah requires an energy base to sustain his abilities. Zone Great had managed to locate Shadorah's base, with Zone Angel and Zone Junior destroying it, leaving Shadorah paralyzed and unable to move, before a green gas emitted from the shadow creature's mouth and exploded.


Physical abilities

In their second fight, Shaodrah used his claws to batter Zone Fighter, as well as kneeing the hero. Shadorah had also used his claws to shove the hero to the ground. After beating Zone Fighter again, Shadorah went on to attack the nearby city by stomping on the buildings causing them to explode.

Shadow imitation

Shadorah can imitate a being's shadow while also leeching off the hosts energy as a shadow, and can willingly change between it and his kaiju form. This makes him immune to their attacks as well as capable of absorbing their energy. This allowed him to shrug off Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might, which proved fatal to many other Terror-Beasts in the show. Shadorah spent most of the episode leeching off of Hikaru's energy leaving him bedridden, staying with him even after he was brought home to rest after fighting the Terror-Beast. During their first fight, Shadorah was able to bring Zone Fighter to use knees by absorbing the hero's energy, leaving him helpless, with not even a Zone Marker Change recharging Zone's energy levels. It was explained by the Garoga Baron that the more Zone Fighter struggled, the more pain he would feel from the attack.

Atomic Beams

Shadorah can emit flashes of light from his eyes called Atomic Beams (原子光線 Genshi Kosen)[2] which were able to temporarily blind and stun Zone Fighter, causing the hero to fall onto the ground after being hit by them.


Shadorah can emit an acidic green mist called the Miracrogas (ミラクロガス Mirakurogasu)[2] which not only chokes the opponent, but also saps away their energy. The mist also creates explosions on whatever it touches, this was shown when numerous explosions went off across Zone Fighter's body when hit with it. After leaving Zone Fighter behind, Shadorah used his Miracrogas on the nearby city, causing large explosions upon impacting it.


Shadorah needs a constant energy source in order to sustain himself and will become paralyzed if said energy source is destroyed. Shadorah also was shown disappearing from leeching off of Hikaru once the Sun had set, with Zone Great explaining that the Terror-Beast was using solar energy in order to absorb the energy within Hikaru. Shadorah was ultimately killed after Zone Angel and Zone Junior had destroyed the control center that supplied Shadorah the solar energy, leaving Shadorah to stop in his tracks before a green mist would erupt from his body and eventually explode.


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  • Shadorah is one of the few Terror-Beasts who had managed to beat Zone Fighter in a battle, with their initial fight leaving Hikaru helpless and out of energy leaving the hero to collapse out of exhaustion, and even rarer, beating Zone Fighter a second time and going on to destroy the city where he resided.


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