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Gigan Miles trademark icon
Gigan Miles
Production image of Gigan Miles
Species Cybernetic alien
Height 120 meters[1]
Controlled by Gigan Rex
Allies Other Gigan Miles, Gigan Rex
Enemies Godzilla
Created by Takuya Uenishi
First appearance Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex
People forgot, but thought it was fine because it has been peaceful. But, here they come.

— Narrator (Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex)

Gigan Miles (ガイガンミレース,   Gaigan Mirēsu) is a species of cyborg alien kaiju who appeared in Takuya Uenishi's 2022 short film Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex. After a group of Gigan Miles attacked Earth and was repulsed by Godzilla,[2] the more powerful Gigan Rex arrived with an army of the cyborgs to challenge the King of the Monsters.


Gigan Miles' name is a combination of "Gigan" and "miles," the Latin word for "soldier."


The design of Gigan Miles draws heavily from the Gigan design used in Takuya Uenishi's fan film G vs. G, although the golden scale pattern on their stomachs is changed, appearing largely similar to the character's original Showa design. The greenish coloration on their bodies is more metallic and blue-green than in Gigan's Showa design, with their golden scales protruding less. Gigan Miles are also more muscular than previous Gigan designs. They sport smaller, more streamlined heads with rotund bodies and short legs. They have a pair of metal teeth on either side of their beaks on the tops and bottoms in their mouths. Their sails are sharpened with small red membranes, appearing more like spiny growths than fins, while the blades on their buzzsaws are metallic crimson. Their buzzsaws can also extend at the command of Gigan Rex, retracting the yellow-scaled portion of the torso to allow for the lengthening and widening of the buzzsaw. Gigan Miles also have a sort of core or heart which glows a pink-orange color that their internal buzzsaws center around.


Reiwa era

Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex

A Gigan Miles pins Godzilla while another blasts him with its laser in Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex

A squadron of JSDF F-35 fighter jets launched missiles at the Gigan Miles' leader, Gigan Rex, only for a Gigan Miles to destroy the projectiles with its forehead laser before flying toward the jets, slashing its claw through one. It chased one of the surviving jets, with the other maneuvering itself behind the target, launching a missile that exploded uselessly against its hide. The cyborg quickly dispatched the pursuing craft with its laser, before flying ahead of the remaining jet and abruptly turning, slicing through it with its bladed forearm. At the same time, two more Gigan Miles were destroying a city and its defending forces. As tanks fired shells at one of the cyborgs, it retaliated with a laser. The other tanks attempted to flee, but the other Gigan Miles stabbed through two of them. Another Gigan Miles descended from the sky, crushing a jet in its mouth. Suddenly, a damaged Gigan Miles flew through the air, crashing down in front of its allies. The three others looked toward the point of origin to see Godzilla roaring a challenge, with one Gigan shrieking in return. A Gigan Miles then leapt into the air, slamming its hooks into Godzilla's side while trying to stab him with the spike on its tail. Godzilla simply threw his attacker to the ground and crushed its head under his foot. Another Gigan leapt at and attempted to slash Godzilla with its hooks, only to miss and instead slice a building in half. Godzilla slashed at the Gigan Miles, with the latter blocking each strike with its metal forearms. As Godzilla's attention turned towards his current opponent, the third Gigan Miles slammed into Godzilla and held onto his back, activating its buzzsaw. The Gigan Miles pinned Godzilla, allowing another to repeatedly blast him with its laser. Godzilla's dorsal plates glowed and emitted a nuclear pulse that blasted the Gigan apart, and Godzilla obliterated the other with his atomic breath. Gigan Rex smashed down on the ground behind Godzilla, and the two engaged in battle.

As Godzilla began to overcome Gigan Rex with his atomic breath, the red Gigan called for reinforcements, summoning nine more Gigan Miles. The Gigan Miles interrupted Godzilla's onslaught with their lasers. Gigan Rex sent out a command to the Miles, causing the golden-scaled skin on their stomachs to peel back into the rest of their bodies, extending and widening their buzzaws. Godzilla attempted to blast one of the Gigan Miles out of the sky with his atomic breath, but its larger buzzsaw deflected the blast. Some of the Gigan Miles began to repeatedly dive down and slash at Godzilla with their buzzsaws, while Gigan Rex and other Gigan Miles fired their lasers at him. Three Gigan Miles then piled onto Godzilla, shredding at his back with their buzzsaws. However, Godzilla began glowing a bright white before emitting a powerful nuclear pulse and blasting another Gigan Miles out of the sky with a white-hot beam. As the now brightly glowing Godzilla faced Gigan Rex, the red cyborg extended his Rex Blades around himself. He telekinetically extracted cores from the six remaining Gigan Miles and attached them to his blades, empowering his chest beam. Gigan Rex locked its beam with Godzilla's white atomic breath, but Godzilla managed to win out, killing Rex in an explosion.



A Gigan Miles turns on a dime in the air

Gigan Miles have the ability to fly via levitation, maneuvering themselves through the air with speed and grace.

Bladed forearms

Like previous incarnations of the character, Gigan Miles possess blades that replace the forearms slightly below the elbow. These blades were able to cleave buildings in half, obliterate jets, and grip onto Godzilla as well as cause sparks when slashed across his hide. They were also capable of blocking Godzilla's powerful physical attacks.


A Gigan Miles fires its laser

Gigan Miles have the ability to fire pinpoint, yellow lasers from the forehead apertures above their eyes, capable of causing explosions and visibly interfering with Godzilla's locomotion and balance, although never piercing his skin.


Gigan Miles extend their buzzsaws at the command of Gigan Rex

Gigan Miles possess Gigan's signature buzzsaw mounted on their torsos. The crimson blades also caused sparks to erupt from Godzilla's skin, although once again, never drawing blood. Gigan Miles have the ability to extend their buzzsaws. At the command of Gigan Rex, their golden scaled-skin can retract into their bodies, revealing complex mechanisms that form a massive extended buzzsaw around their cores.


A Gigan Miles attempted to stab Godzilla with its tail spike, but was countered by Godzilla's fast reflexes.


Gigan Miles possess fleshy-looking orbs at the center of their bodies. These seem to act similar to a heart and power Gigan Miles, allowing them to stay alive. When they are removed, however, the Gigan Miles appear to die instantly, as shown when Gigan Rex telekinetically ripped the cores from the Gigan Miles' bodies to power himself up.


Gigan Miles are commanded by Gigan Rex, who appears to telepathically communicate with and control the Gigan Miles using his forehead aperture.


Whilst Gigan Miles can withstand conventional weaponry with no sign of damage or even annoyance, they were almost defenseless against both Godzilla's physical and atomic energy attacks. Godzilla was able to kill multiple Gigan Miles with ease, smashing them to pieces and blowing them apart with both his regular nuclear pulse and atomic breath. The only times Gigan Miles were able to successfully defend against Godzilla's attacks were when a Miles blocked some of Godzilla's swipes with its bladed forearms, and when another deflected his atomic breath with its extended buzzsaw. Nonetheless, Godzilla's white-hot pulse and atomic breath were able to utterly annihilate and vaporize the Gigan Miles.


Concept art



Gigan Miles emit a selection of Gigan's roars and shrieks from the Showa series.

Gigan's sound effects in the Showa series


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Gigan Miles
Gigan Miles and Gigan Rex sound effects in Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex

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