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Monster Planet

Wikizilla's YouTube channel on July 1, 2019

This page contains information on Wikizilla's YouTube channel.



The YouTube channel was started on July 9, 2013. For the first 3 years of the channel, it was used to upload infrequent gameplay videos of Godzilla video games for showcase purposes, going in the order:

After that, some gameplay videos were still uploaded in between informative videos:

Informative videos

Starting on October 13, scripted informative videos started being uploaded to the channel.

There are three series, all collaborated upon by Wikizilla's admins and regular users. The series are Kaiju Facts, Kaiju Profiles, and Creating Kaiju.


Kaiju Facts

Wikizilla's Kaiju Facts video series focuses on explaining or clearing up certain aspects of the kaiju world. The following is a list of transcripts for Wikizilla's Kaiju Fact videos.

Smaller-scale "Kaiju Facts"-type videos have also been released, called Kaiju Corrections, which are not considered part of the main "Kaiju Facts" series, though there is some overlap as videos such as "Zilla Name Controversy" are both.

  • This Is NOT Mechagodzilla — Explaining that the Vultures are not the Anime Mechagodzilla.
  • Zilla Name Controversy
  • Bagan Was NOT Cut From "Godzilla: Final Wars" — Debunking a popular myth perpetuated by a hoax video which claimed that a deleted scene from Godzilla: Final Wars exists which showed Bagan attacking a city.
  • Wikizilla Corrections Vol. 1 (2016-2018) — Addressing errors and clarifying certain statements made in past Wikizilla videos.
  • Wikizilla Corrections Vol. 2 (2019-2023) — Addressing errors and clarifying certain statements made in past Wikizilla videos.

Monster Planet

Wikizilla's Monster Planet video series looks at the impact of kaiju throughout the world.

Kaiju Profiles

Wikizilla's Kaiju Profiles video series are essentially video forms of Wikizilla's kaiju pages, giving stats, design details, origins, on-screen history, abilities, and pieces of trivia of specific monsters. "Spin-off" series also exist, including Kaijin Profiles, Kyoryu Profiles, and Kyodai Hero Profiles.

Here is a list of transcripts for Wikizilla's Profile videos.


Creating Kaiju

Wikizilla's Creating Kaiju video series goes into detail behind the design process or creation of monsters or their related films or media. The following is a list of transcripts for Wikizilla's Creating Kaiju videos.


Other scripted videos.


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