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Wikizilla (ウィキジラ,   Wikijira) is a collaborative Godzilla encyclopedia based on the wiki concept. Wikizilla's main focus is documenting the Godzilla franchise and the Godzilla fandom.


Wikizilla's name is a portmanteau of the words "Wiki," the concept which Wikizilla is based on, and "-zilla," a popular suffix which comes from Godzilla's name, obviously referencing how Wikizilla is an online encyclopedia primarily based on Godzilla.


Wikizilla focuses primarily on the Godzilla franchise, along with the Gamera and King Kong franchises and other topics related to Godzilla and Toho. Wikizilla has over 2,700 articles and over 20,000 images, including screenshots, posters, concept art, production photos, and much more.


Main article: Wikizilla:Staff.

Wikizilla, like most wikis, is run by fans of its source material, in this case the Godzilla franchise. The content-managing administrators of Wikizilla are Titanollante, GodzillaIsland7.2, The King of the Monsters, Koopa, The Boy Who Cried Godzilla, Les, Astounding Beyond Belief and Ghidorahnumber1.


Wikizilla was founded by user Danielwang on July 22, 2005, and was hosted by, focusing on Godzilla and King Kong films. Over time, Gamera articles were also created, and eventually several non-Toho monsters appeared. Most of the non-Toho, Gamera and non-Godzilla articles were removed in early 2013 so that a general cleanup could take place, but they were gradually reinstated from 2014 onward, as Wikizilla absorbed the Gamera and King Kong wikis. In addition to these franchises, Wikizilla introduced pages for more obscure giant monsters that lacked an established series of their own, such as Gappa, Guilala and Gorgo. In July 2016, Wikizilla became independent from Wikia and received a new home at The new Wikizilla was founded by Titanollante, who had been a user on the original Wikizilla since January 25, 2011. The decision to become independent from Wikia was made when the community came to the consensus that it desired greater freedom following the implementation of various policies and changes by Wikia that were considered detrimental to the site. Following the founding of the new site, the original site was re-christened Kaijupedia in order to distinguish it from the new Wikizilla. Only 47 days after the establishment of Kaijupedia, Wikia began restoring it to its former condition, including the reversion of the name change. On June 15, 2017, it was renamed to Gojipedia.







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