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Unofficial Godzilla-Wiki logo: Godzilla-Wiki's favicon (Yuji Sakai's Godzilla) backwards with Godzilla-Wiki's wordmark
Languages Deutsch
Status Active
Run 2008-Present
Launched November 1, 2008
Address http://de.godzilla.wikia.com
Monster, Echse, Japan, Filme

Godzilla-Wiki is a wiki in German hosted by Wikia.com. Godzilla-Wiki's main focus, much like Wikizilla's, is documenting the Godzilla franchise.


Godzilla-Wiki's name, simply enough, is formed of "Godzilla," its main focus, and "Wiki," the concept it's based around.


Godzilla-Wiki, like Wikizilla, has articles not only on Godzilla but on other Toho monsters, characters and movies as well as Gamera ones. Unlike the Spanish Godzilla Wiki and Wikizilla, Godzilla-Wiki does not use international names for their monster articles nor international titles for their movie articles, but they instead use German names and titles for their articles.

Godzilla-Wiki does not have articles about monsters that are not immediately related to Godzilla or Toho, for example Gappa, Guilala and Pulgasari. These monsters can be found in the General German Giant Monster Wiki (German: Allgemeines Deutsches Riesenmonster-Wiki).

The Godzilla-Wiki has over 900 pages and a relatively large community.


Godzilla-Wiki was founded by Baradagi-sanjin, who has been inactive since December 14, 2008. The user Varanopode is the royalty commissioner and new bureaucrat of the wiki. The administrators are DinoKenner, LARSMON and ZillaFan89.


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