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An illustration of Gamoni from "A Space Godzilla"
Alternate names Gamora, Gamony
Species Sunerian general
Allies Sunerians, Sunerian Queen
Enemies Rozan, Kunin, Lilin, Godzillans
First appearance "A Space Godzilla"
Scorch her! Scorch her! Don't leave a single cell behind! Or else she'll regenerate!

— Gamoni ordering her Sunerian troops to attack Rozan ("A Space Godzilla")

Gamoni (ガモニ,   Gamoni) is an alien kaiju from the 1979 illustrated short story "A Space Godzilla," based on the unmade Toho film of the same name.


Gamoni appears as a roughly humanoid alien with a tail and breasts. The monster's face is mostly featureless, and it is covered in a number of spike-like protrusions. Gamoni wears golden colored braces on its wrists and ankles.


"A Space Godzilla"

Gamoni was the general of the Sunerian army that attacked Planet Godzilla, who was defeated by Kunin and the adult Lilin.



When angered, Gamoni can shoot flames from out of her breasts.

Throwing Knives

When angered, Gamoni can launch throwing knives shaped like swastikas from her belly button.


Gamoni can vomit spider nests from her mouth.


Gamoni possesses incredibly sharp talons on her feet.


Gamoni wields a long black whip in her hand.


  • Gamoni is called "Gamora" in the synopsis for both parts of the story in many online sources, and this has been assumed to be the monster's actual name by many English-speaking fans, despite the name "Gamoni" being clearly visible in images of the monster circulating online. It is unknown where the name "Gamora" originated when referring to the monster, though it might be worth noting that it sounds similar to the name of the popular Ultraman kaiju, Gomora.
  • In the short story, Gamoni and all of the Sunerians are mentioned to all be female.


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